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  1. Hi XP-6000 chipless can it be use don XP-6100 and if not any plans for newer models like this in the Epson Range thanks
  2. Hi any plans for this model XP-7100 - chipless solutions, we get customer buying our ciss products but they wont work in the states as our chips are european thanks
  3. we have 10 serials and have checked 4 of them they all say the same thing whats does it mean please firmware is correct and checked by WIC
  4. Anyway around this issue with regards to the chipless firmware still monitoring the the maintenance tank , are you planning to resolve this issue rather take the printer apart and disconnect ? this is not clear on the website that the maintenance tank is not monitored prior to making the printer chipless , we have modified over 25 C5210dw printers with chipless and now we are starting to get issues with customers reporting this error thanks
  5. version 5.58 WIC shows reset waste and read waste as not an option ? for xp3100 and xp4100 thanks
  6. We have tried 3 printers today now all the same result as above
  7. so for our latest one the firmware after using EPFWUPD is CS05JC we have tried many times , it appears to upload and switches off but firmware after is still CS05JC after update so no inks updater wont work any solutions for this please ?
  8. So i presume this product no longer works as no solution is being offered - no problem we will stop advertising it for sale
  9. Hi John any solutions for us ? printer 1 wont update says upload firmware its already uploaded i showed pictures, its used the serial when it tried to use the no update file and provided no recovery file and wont update any more printer 2 wont offer recovery file either we have done 4 others in the last 2 weeks all ok
  10. Hi John so printer 1 wont update on no inks updater and says please upload firmware when we already have and it has used the serial despite saying please upload firmware because of this issue it wont offer a recovery download because it thinks its not updated firmware and gives update firmware error - have shown images above printer 2 we managed to update after buying new serial again today but it has also refused to offer a recovery update so both printers refuse to let you download a recovery update we do know what we are doing as we have already done 5 of them thanks
  11. So we got another printer out of the box as we have many in stock and tried with a new printer but it says the serial number we try to enter is used on the above printer , but the above printer refused to update , gave error and we have no recovery file So we purchased another serial today that's 2 so far today entered this and now it says firmware already updated and offers no recovery file
  12. We are doing another today - same as we always do but it reports this error , we have downloaded latest firmware and no update, it appears to upload ok and switches off when you press ok
  13. We are doing another today - same as we always do but it reports this error , we have downloaded latest firmware and no update, it appears to upload ok and switches off when you press ok
  14. we have used 4 of these in the last week to setup printers but today we have been trying for 6 hours and the no ink updater just says internet communication is lost try later we have tried many pc and network connections same issue
  15. shane

    Conflicting prices

    hello which one is chipless please https://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?products_id=1814_6_23 https://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?cPath=107&products_id=1855 both same product different prices ?
  16. Hi looking for availability of chipless solutions please for our customers for ciss looking at the the models with ? - you appear to have some with that use the same cartridges but on those with ? we don't see a chipless solution but you have for same cartridge number but different models many thanks
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