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  1. I purchased an activation license for an Epson XP-3100. After firmware installation, I run the license program. put activation code and get a message of an error 10092. Help! Brandmauer is disabled and i have no proxy. My printer Serial:X6BJ006410 ID Code: XovhhZaqgUlKtbDLxdGxWt+2ZBcvMpknTWn3NWMHBk9k/1Bhl7VRvbjjg+Xq083QWpDVUbpp kYti2rpw1O5tqiAOia0JyMBLYYI5HTo+RgtGeASBKvGVTdy33Yni4eMdquiDQ5OElmkgt0fu 8Py9eIGXuWD/Kt5h1scwDp5Z/bU=
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