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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. Hi, Did read the full manual on how to activate it. It still doesn't download. I have the drivers from the main Epson website, Disabled automatic updating, have the WICreset and no processes are running, restarted the printer, and ran via USB & WiFi and still doesn't complete. Has the firmware not updated error still. Is this because I need to purchase the activation code first? Or what other troubleshooting steps do you recommend. Thanks.
  2. I've downloaded the new XP15000 software for the printer that I just purchased a couple days ago. I've set up the printer, and retried the firmware updater multiple times, but just gives me the error that the printer cannot be updated to the firmware. The only recommendations it says is to make sure the power is on and to ensure that it's connected via USB, etc.
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