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Fixing communication error with the server.

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In order to download startup specifications and execute waste counters reset, WIC application must connect to the remote servers. Several factors exist that may cause this connection to fail:

1. Remote server is not available.

2. Internet connection is missing or unstable.

3. Application is blocked individually via firewall/antivirus/etc.

4. One of the used ports or addresses is blocked for the entire system.

Not much can be done for the first and second cases, but server downtime is very rare and brief. Next steps will help to resolve this problem in the third and fourth cases.


1. Checking port availability.

We will use standard telnet client for this operation because Windows components is rarely blocked by protection software. Telnet client is already activated for Windows XP, but you need to turn it on manually for Windows Vista and later versions.

In order to activate telnet client, go to the `main menu -> control panel -> programs and features -> turn windows features on or off` and make sure that `telnet client` box is checked, then press `OK`.

Open console window and type `telnet 23457` then press enter.

If you see black screen with cursor then telnet is successfully connected to the server, which means that port is available system wide and something is blocking WICReset specifically.

If you will see some errors in the console output (typically: `could not open connection to the host on port`), then this port is blocked for entire system or on the remote device.

2. If application blocked individually.

You need to add WICReset to the exception lists of each protection software or create individual rules if this option is available. Please, see documentation of the corresponding software to find out how to do this.

While it's not advisable, you may consider to briefly disable protection software until waste counters reset is finished.

3. If used ports blocked system wide.

If your PC is in the local network, make sure that connections to the 23457 port is allowed in the gateway server's firewall settings.

If you are using router with enabled firewall rules, make sure that connections to the is allowed for target PC (firewall settings usually available via router's web interface).

If VPN provider is used, make sure, that system routing table contains correct entries that include remote server address.

Make sure, that protection software doesn't have global rule that blocks connections to the used ports. Some protection software may have default rules that limit connections only to the most widely used port numbers (http, ftp, etc).

Some third party software (for example, some VPN software) may also provide additional firewall-like protection service. Make sure, that these applications either disabled during waste reset or WICReset is added to their exclusion list when possible.

4. List of used ports :

Application will connect to remote server on (TCP) for waste counters reset.

Application will use 80 (TCP/HTTP) port in order to download database and RSS feed during initialization.

Ports 3289 (UDP/ENPC), 161 (UDP/SNMP) and 515 (TCP/LPD) will be used to discover network printers and communicate with them.

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