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C5290 activated correctly but did not generated Recovery File

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Hello friends,

I bought two keys for the C5290 WorkForce, the first one activated correctly and asked me if I would like to generate the Recovery File. I saved it of course. And the second printer activated, then said Firmware Update Failed and when I tried again it said it was already updated with the NoInksKey. I turned off the print, then turned it on again and the printer was activated correctly, but the recovery file was not generated.

Is there any way @John_Admin or @wic.support the file can be generated If I send you my key and printer serial? Just in case something happens, even though I have turned off WiFi and no LAN is connected...one never knows what could happen.

Thanks friends, and again, thanks for this amazing solution that allows us to work with huge advantages 😃


Juan - Argentina

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