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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware

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after updating the firmware to CV99Z9  an error appeared

"Scanner Error"
An error occured while scanning.
Turn the power off and on again.
If the error persists, contact Epson Support


i returned my printer to the store that ive brought since it was brandnew, they changed the scanner unit and the main mainboard.
i got my printer and updated the firmware and the error appeared again after succesfully changed the firmware to CV14I9 
but when i flushed back to original firmware the error is gone
original firmware is 17.64.CV09L3
already purchased key last july 2021

Order ID : 22586459

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It seems Your printer has updated firmware that will not work with chipless.

Follow this steps:
Please flash original CV04KC firmware version first.
Then flash chipless CV14I9 version.
After that You can use License utility and your Activation Key. 

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Thank you sir for the reply


I flashed CV04KC firmware using firmware update mode but was not successful.  So I flashed CV04KC again using normal mode and the firmware successfully 100% changed to CV04KC, checked using wicreset, but after rebooting the printer, the error 100016 still appeared on the printer screen. So I continue and flashed to CV14I9 and still has the error 100016. 




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Good morning, good afternoon or good evening

I have an epson WF c5710 with a CU10L3 chip, so its serial number is 8xxxx

I have other c5710 with serial number 6xxxx and the chipless worked perfectly

Will the updated chipless to serial number 8xxxx come out? It is giving error 100016.

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