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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware

Is buying KEY from you without guarantee?

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I got it from here https://chiplessprinter.com/
Bought 3 times, CHIPLESS KEY for WF-7611,
Because there was an error when the machine was first purchased and used,
Epson Printer ROM
Program Upsata Mode
Rom is not writable
I thought I might have an error in the WIC program, so I bought 2 KEYs from this website,
As a result, none of the 3 KEYs can be used,
Later, https://chiplessprinter.com/ actually told me that I have to pay even if I can't use it!!
I don't think this is reasonable!! Because I have purchased KEY from this website dozens of times!!
https://chiplessprinter.com/ He said he is a dealer with you!!
So I turned to this and asked, do I have to pay for the unusable KEY???
And the KEY you sell cannot guarantee that customers can use it???

Finally, I want to emphasize that all 3 keys will be used on the same machine, that is because the first key does not work, I thought it was my operation problem, so I tried the second key, the second key did not work, I Check out the article in the discussion forum,
So I tried the 3rd KEY, and finally proved that KEY can't make my WF-7611 chip free, which means KEY is invalid and useless!!

It is not intentional that all 3 KEYs are used on the same machine!!

WhatsApp 2022-11-09,22.25.22.jpg


WhatsApp 2022-11-10,20.23.03.jpg

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