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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware

Epson P800 - Have I bricked my printer !

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Hoping someone can help.

I have an Epson SC P800 using the Permajet InkFlow refillable system.

Recently I made the fatal error of letting the MK black run too low (yes stupid I know) and I which I believe has now introduced an air blockage  - prints a page of grey/black lines which to me suggest in starvation. Repeated head cleans has not resolved.  

I had read of another persons success using the Epson Service Utility to run the ink prime cycle which normally runs on initial print install but therafter cant be run from the printer requiring the utility.  I purchased ver 1.2.2 for P800 and used the utility set "initial ink charge flag=on" under Printer Settings option. On startup the printer does goes into initial setup but then asked me to insert the OEM initial cartridges that came with the printer. Fortunately I kept these (now empty) and reinserted  replaced the permajet refillable ones in the hope it flag the OEM's as empty allowing me to then swop the permajets back. After several attempts of removing/reinserting I've managed to get all the permajet cartridge switched (and showing full) with the exception of one cartridge the VLM. For this cartridge I now either get one of two messages, either the "insert original cartridges that came with printer message" but which wont accept the OEM cartridge or I get an intermittent "Cartridge not recognised". Nothing I have been able to do will get the printer to accept either the original OEM or permajet refillable cartridge.

I thought I'd reset the initial ink charge back to off and see what happens. Unfortunately setting the flag seems to be one way and doesn't seem to have the option to set it to off - is it possible to revert the flag ? I did do an NVRAM backup save prior to doing anything - can this be reloaded to revert to state before I set the flag ?

If not I am now stuck and concerned I have put the printer into an irrecoverable startup state. Is there anyway I can by-pass the printer checks of the cartridge in order to get around the "insert initial cartridge" or "uinrecosgnised cartridge" errors ? I'm wondering whether downgrading the firmware using the WIC utility might do so - however am reluctant to do anything more at this stage given the situation I've now ended up.

Any help offered will be (very) gratefully welcomed as I'm fretting that I've inadvertently bricked a £1000 printer !



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