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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. No error. No key. I can't find where to purchase the key for 3720 on your website.
  2. I understand better. The activation key on my emailed order receipt does not work with License.exe - where do I find this key?
  3. Per my previous post, using Settings -> Firmware Update the screen shows version CL30J5 is installed. I previously sent a screen snapshot showing CL99Z9 is the version that I am attempting to install, but the EPFWUPD program does not sense that the printer has performed a self power-cycle. I respectfully suggest you re-read #2 in my previous post. I needed to Google the term "CISS" as it is not defined anywhere on your website. But now I understand what yo are trying to say. I still need to get the CL99Z9 installed.
  4. 1. So for Normal Mode updates I simply turn on printer, get with no errors, and run EPFWUPD.EXE? 2. I downloaded the WF3720_FWF469TL_CL30J5_CL99Z9.zip. I ran it from new folder with the unzipped files, using the procedure above. I have done this twice. EPFWUPD Step 6 shows I am uploading version 30.74.CL99Z9. At about 71% progress, It is "Waiting for printer to restart". The Printer shows "do not turn power off... when complete will turn on/off automatically". The it restarts itself with no error displayed. EPFWUPD then later shows "Firmware version confirmed" at about 86% completed. but it finally times out with "Printer firmware was not updated, click RETRY or NEXT...". A RETRY brings again though most of the steps, but then starts printing pages of gibberish. A NEXT simply allows the STOP button to be clicked. 3. What is the difference between goals to use 3rd party cartridges vs work without 3rd party cartridges? Hard to print anything without ink cartridges.
  5. Mr Support - please read my original post. ... I can not find how to "Upload firmware to printer in normal mode - don't put printer in Program Update mode." I can't find anything referencing f/w update without using an internet connection, thus getting the latest from Epson. I am assuming the "normal mode" means "Normal boot" -> "Settings" -> "Update Firmware" -> "Update". Is this correct? If so, then I have tried this and the printer quickly determines that the latest Epson firmware is already installed and goes no further. I suggest you review your online documentation to better explain this term often-used in your Forum. I am sure you have used the term quite often in the years you have been providing this firmware, but you customers have not. You should also "pin" this explanation to the top of forum. I forced a firmware/Program update abort by removing the power cord while uploading in Program Update mode and light was blinking. The subsequent power up started in "Recovery Mode". I re-ran the EPFWUPD.EXE firmware updater and waited until printer powered itself off. A power-on brought everything back up and now running version CL21I2 as verified in the Firmware Update screen. Apparently I can now use 3rd party cartridges, but I never again ran the LICENSE.EXE program. Am I OK now?
  6. Confused in Colorado. I used EPFWUP.EXE, to upload CL99J9. However the Program Update screen still shows CL24K1 ?? When I run License -> Activate Online I receive the Wrong ID Readed error. (You might fix the poor English in this message) I have searched your forums (and others) for several hours, and found this to be a common issue, but have not found anything that works in my case. I also tried the new license-09-02-2020.exe - same problem. Per your Oct 16 reply posted in this thread ....... I can not find how to "Upload firmware to printer in normal mode - don't put printer in Program Update mode." I can't find anything referencing f/w update without using an internet connection, thus getting the latest from Epson. It is unclear to me, when running EPFWUP.EXE, when is update complete. There are instructions that say "wait for the printer to turn off automatically" but after 45 minutes, screen says "FINSHED" and the printer is still on with blinking light. There are also update instructions that say press the center of the screen after updating (unclear when this occurs) to turn off the printer. Which is correct? When do you click the "finish" button on this screen? As an aside, I was unsuccessful install your software on a previous printer last year, gave up after many hours, and bought this new 3720 printer. Now the EPSON cartridges suddenly went "missing" after a "official" firmware upgrade. I should have learned.
  7. Newest Epson firmware update (Ver CL27J9) caused printer to not recognize the previously acceptable cartridges. I got it into "Update" mode, connected the USB cable, but my Dell laptop/Win10 does not connect to the printer so no Firmware Update can be done. I disables the working WiFi connection, but still no help.
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