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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware

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  2. Hello i purchased, installed and activated the chipless firmware (https://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?cPath=107&products_id=1848) for my wf-7720 dtwf. after the update i cannot see text on the printer's menu and stuff, just the symbols... In addition the print results are just bad. Do you guys know what the problem is? I have a CISS system installed but it is not the problem. cleaned the printhead twice now and let all air out of the system. This is clearly not the problem Thanks in advance :)
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  4. thanks alot. worked fine with eeprom from another printer. the writing of initial settings is not active with tje adjustment programme am using. i dont know why
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  6. SC-P800 Series can be upgraded to chipless without ink cartridges.
  7. Both L1455 and ET-16500 use the same firmware, difference is in the data that located in the eeprom. So the answer stays the same, you either need to write initial settings or copy eeprom data from another device.
  8. i want to downgrade my epson p807 firmware to chipless.but i dont have original cartridge so it is possible to downgrade firmware without cartridges ? thank you
  9. thank you for your reply. how ever i realized the printer board is et 16500 model. is it possible to make the board start reading L1455 ?
  10. Hello i have the problem, we bought a key wic firmware 24/04 order #21994627. We have the same problem, after chipless appear error in maintenance box wf6090. We have a New maintenance box , but do not recognize box, we have DG31GA firmware. We can not install firmware updater in 14% error appear If we update the firmware maybe the box do not have fail but chipless do not work, and with the wic the recover code do not exist. How can u help us?
  11. Hello , we put a dispute in paypal because you do not answer us, we need solution or moneyback @wic.support@wic.support @John_Admin Maintenance box New, counter do not recognize
  12. After updating the firmware, when entering the license key, the process stops in the middle as in the screenshot below. How do I do it? ---- Company: VAL'S FINANCEReference Number: 3B011BAA-608E5333-501-A4D4CSubtotal: $50.00Tax: $0.00Shipping: $0.00Total: $50.00VAL'S FINANCE
  13. There is no key brother not in the order not in the email not the junked messages see the attached photos please
  14. Follow Step by step guide - https://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?cPath=107&products_id=1837
  15. You can enter your 2manuals account and see all Your Orders. View Your Last Orders and Find Your Reset Keys: http://www.2manuals.com/forum/index.php?/topic/80249-paid-for-reset-key-but-not-received-yet/
  16. Hi john yesterdey i paid for an activation key but still didnt receive it yet not in the order history not even in the junked messages all i got is this help me please
  17. Hi, I am having an issue with my printer Epson WF-3730. I installed the chipless software and then ran the activation. When I turn on the printer, I get a maintenance error regarding the ink. I purchased the entire kit online and purchased the activation key. After a few tries, it seemed to have worked. But I have the ink issue. I tried the WIC reset utility but according to messages, the "Unfortunately this printer does not support software reset of the ink levels. Only L100/L200/L800 could be reset by software and other L series could be reset using printer buttons. Otherwise the only option is to replace ink cartridges or to use continuous ink supply system. If you are already using `CISS`, then reset it according to the manufacturer's instruction." It appears to still be expecting a chip. It asks if I want to downgrade firmware and the only available option is "CL26H9 26/09/2017" with a warning to backup EEPROM.
  18. This most likely means that motherboard has not been initialized, you need to either write initial settings via ajp or find eeprom from another L1455 and write it to the printer. In both cases you will also need to set all other printer's settings again.
  19. my epson printer L1455 main board got spoilt, then i bought another one. the one i bought is recognized as Et 16500 series, but it starts in inspection mode, what can i do for the printer to start normally to start working again
  20. Firmware version is correct. You can use refillable cartridges with Auto Reset Chips. Be sure AR chips are in working condition. You can check them on other printer.
  21. In my case.. you don't need to change the actual maintenance box, run the chipless firmware again and activate, override the same firmware , the waste tank status will go about 75%, that's it. What you need to do is to modify the maintenance box put a bottle or rinse the sponge. See you tube
  22. 031002 printer head overheating.... shortcuit bring your printer to service center or technician
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