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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware

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  4. All ink cartridges are currently showing full and not dropping as I print so I think I will wait and see what happens. Being prompted to change the cartridge actually saved me from emptying it too low. So it is not really a problem because it showed full when replaced. Maybe they show full all the time but detect when they are actually empty to the level that the normal firmware would tell you to replace them. As we normally keep them topped up all the time on chipless maybe no one has let a cart go low enough to see this before.
  5. When have you paid? Please send us payment copy. We'll check your payment and give you your ordered Key manualy. We have checked all orders and we have NO orders placed with your email address - cwoldham1@aol.co.uk If You made order with other email address - please give us that address and we'll find your order. Be sure You have ordered Keys from our sites: www.2manuals.com www.wic.support www.payproglobal.com If You purchased Key at other site - please contact that site directly
  6. So my question is how could an ink cart show empty when it was empty ans show full when a full one is installed with this firmware.
  7. https://www.chiplesssolutions.com/download/chipless/WFC5290_FWG241TL_CT04M8_CT99Z9.zip
  8. WF 5290 - New firmware CT04M8 download link is gone , now it is Old firmware - CT14I9 version We still have Lan connection problem. Epson Work force 5290 models which were manufactured after 2022 March. Please update me how this is being processed.
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  10. My current firmware is NW07K7 07/07/2020. This firmware has been installed since I downgraded to chipless. It has been suggested that I accidentally took a firmware upgrade but I know that didn't happen and wouldn't make sense, because if I accidentally upgraded my firmware I don't think my reused ink carts would work at all.
  11. what email you have used plain the order?
  12. It did not give me an order number, just took my money!
  13. What is your current firmware version in your printer now? Give screenshot from WIC utility
  14. Hello All. I downgraded my Epson XP-1500 firmware to chipless last year and have been refilling my oem carts since then with no problem. I have been diligent in making sure my carts never go completely empty as they will loose capacity to refill. Today I was printing several 13x19 prints with mostly black background when the printer suddenly stopped in the middle of a print and the status monitor said my black cart was empty. I switched the cart to a full one at which point it showed full and continued the print. I always fill my carts to 27 grams. I weighed the cart that was supposed to be empty and it weighed 16 grams. I refilled this cart to 27 grams and stored. I was surprised that this happened as I thought the ink was always supposed to show full when running chipless. Has anyone else come across this with the XP-15000. Thanks: Freewheelin
  15. Hi, I paid £8.59 (01/12/2022) for a reset key for the waste pads on my Epson ET-2750. Not received!
  16. Hello, I am having a same issue. Run Your Pool App
  17. Hello. What is the problem ? How long does it take to fix it?? Now, the download link is gone. Please update me. Please send me new version to my email. fitybi619@naver.com
  18. hello John Okay I will send you payment copy then you go through it , thank you for your service.
  19. Step 4 from your instructions here https://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?cPath=107&products_id=1851 suggest to check firmware after update: Step 4Now check current firmware version ( how to check ).If firmware version is FA20I4 - firmware has been uploaded successfully. You can go to next Step.If NO - restart printer and try once more time. My initial firmware is FA20I4 and your chipless one is FA20I4 too. So I'm checking firmware after this "update failed" message and seeing the same FA20I4 20/04/2018, so I can't tell whether to proceed to the next step or not, according to your instruction. Is it normal in this case to continue with buying the Activation code and following to the next step? Thanks.
  20. Hi there! Have a SC-P400 with FA20I4 20/04/2018 firmware from Epson. Following this instruction https://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?cPath=107&products_id=1851 . Printer does something, but each time I get "Update failed" message (please see picture). Tried several times with a solid USB cable on different USB ports - no success. Please advise something.
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  22. Hi, I have received NEW firmware, CT04M8 version BUT Now, the problem is Printer TURNS off and ON Repeatedly. Please check the video. 5290.mp4
  23. Hi, I have received NEW firmware from John, CT04M8 version BUT Now, the problem is Printer TURNS off and ON. Repeatedly. Please check.
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