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  2. We havre no one order made with email - grambaldini@gmail.com give us your order number
  3. I have a Epson xp-452 with MM1108 Epson version firmware and try to install this chipless firmware from: https://www.chiplesssolutions.com/download/chipless/XP452_FWH316TL_MM10I8_MM99Z9.zip Put the printer in Update Program Mode and then update the firmware. The printer receives the firmware and shows progress 0/100 to 100/100 Compares, Erase and Writes ROM data. At final shows: Finished! Checsum B0BD ROM Ver. 20.08.MM1018 Checksum2 B6D2 Rom Ver2. MM1018 In computer all is correct and shows finalized too. I turn off the printer and when turn on it again and see the same Epson firmware with no update. Nothing changed- What can I do to indeed update your firmware to the printer?
  4. Last week
  5. Good evening, I paid $ 9.99 but the code has not arrived, the email address associated with paypal is grambaldini@gmail.com and the order history is empty. Regards
  6. Hi, I paid for key through pay-pal, haven't had any response. Tried to create an account for forum with same email address (blair.m.owens@gmail.com) as I ordered the key. Was sent blank emails so created with hotmail email account. Cannot find any orders in my order history. Can you please send Key??? Edit: somehow found it in another email account, please ignore me
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  9. Download this firmware - http://chiplesssolutions.com/download/XP240_FWF732TL_ZZ99Z9_2019.zip Upload firmware to printer in normal mode - dont put printer in Program Update mode. The uploading process will stuck at 70-80% - it is ok! Open task manager and stop updater process. Printer will blink for about 5-15 minutes - then will power OFF. Now power on the printer - chipless firmware is installed now in your printer! Use License and Activation Key
  10. Dear Admin, I had this same problem. The solution is to QUICKLY open the NoInksUpdater and paste the key, then activate, No more than 3 seconds since the program window opened. I think this has something to do with the fact that you have the WiFi Connection setup on your printer and detects both of them. Nevertheless, you should take a look at this problem, since there's no way of disabling the WiFi on the printer once the original cartridges has depleted and the error of "no cartirdged recognized" is shown on the printer. Thanks for this chipless solution, I am a 4th time customer now
  11. Hi, My XP-245 printer was previously flased chipless firmware, however, after receive 20.25.EF20J9 from EPSON, the chipless firmware nolonger work. Following the instruction, I tried to flash back to EF23I2 from chipless's official site by recover mode. But after LED flash and printer reboot, the printer's configure website is still displaying 20.25.EF20J9. And activation.exe failed to read from the printer. Please give me some hints on what should I do next, thanks.
  12. I have the solution for reading failed -1 problem 1.- Put the printer in recovery mode. To put in recovery mode you must load the firmware and when I start writing the printer you turn it off before it finishes. 2.- When in recovery mode, upload the firmware to the printer from your pc. When charging is complete, the printer will turn itself off. 3.- You turn on and apply the activator "license" and voila !!! It works perfectly ..... I hope it works for you !!! any questions write me ....
  13. Upload firmware in normal mode dont put printer in Firmware mode then use your key
  14. Hello, can you help me, printer does not load says reading failed 1
  15. Never mind, everything is good, thanks!
  16. Hello I found out that lastest chipless firmware (XP230_FWE857TL_FO30HA_FO99Z9) is detected by Epson software updater as an older firmware version. It shows Epson software updater This happens when printer is connected by wifi. Firmware and chipless functions work correctly
  17. I made the payment of a license but I did not get

  18. sorry, mistyped mail address. correct is goldilicious375@gmail.com
  19. sent but goldiliious375@gmail.com INVALID_ADDRESS, ERROR_CODE :550, ERROR_CODE : 5.1.1 The email account that you tried to reach does not exist.
  20. I have paid for EP-807A . PAYPAL 3/9 Can't find in my private message. No key sent . Send the KEY directly to goldiliious375@gmail.com
  21. I have paid too via paypal 10 03 2020 but no key sent. I can't find in my spam folder or in my order history. Please send the key for Epson P600 to- vladislavzarudnii gmail com
  22. That worked perfectly, now at 100% on all inks, thanks!
  23. FA20I4 is right version So you have already uploaded to printer Now you have to run License utility and use your Activation Key. You can find all your orders and keys in your 2manuals account
  24. Can I please just get my activation code? I could probably have figured out the firmware myself by now if you'd sent me the code when you replied to this thread before, I hope I don't have to wait another 24 hours for somebody to check the forum.
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