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  4. i have a Epson WF-7710 1. I use Chipless keys and good Work 2. My clientes install WF-7710 and update to firmware FA25JA 3. Printer error cartidge 4. I reinstall last firnware FA27HC, but finished with FA25JA, please view image what IS SOLUTION?
  5. Run License input Activation Key Click Activate button Program will give message give us screenshot
  6. What screen shot besides the one I put above are you needing? it goes through and just gives me that screen and my code is activated but the printer itself still shows ink levels. In the videos it shows that the ink levels are greyed out?
  7. Sorry it is Impossible. One key can work with one printer (motheboard) only. You have to repair motherboard or use other key
  8. I ordered a chipless code to update my epson p600, then I started getting 0x44 fatal error, and ended up having to swap out the motherboard to overcome the error. At that time I lost the chipless software that I had just purchased. Order No: 177429 that I purchased on the 12th of November. I was never able to print anything. Is there anyway that this code can be refreshed to go with the new motherboard that I had to put in to clear the 0x44 error. Looking forward to your response, Henry
  9. Updated WF-C5210 firmware- http://chiplesssolutions.com/download/WFC5210_FWG242TL_ZZ99Z9.zip
  10. We have updated firmware Please upload it to printer - http://chiplesssolutions.com/download/WFC5210_FWG242TL_ZZ99Z9.zip
  11. Hi, I'm a reseller of printers and I have several c5210 currently having this problem. After October update, the Epson c5210 can not be recovered. I have access printer firmware update mode, re-update the firmware into the Chipless version, try to recover the chipless using the recovery code. But receive this error: It is highly because the Epson new firmware has prevent chipless from being recovered/working. Can you update the firmware for c5210/c5290 please. Thank you, Eric
  12. To bad ... is there a way to bypass the chip reader on the printer ?
  13. Hello! I'm new here. I own an Epson t7000 and I have problems with chip reading on my inktank. Is there a chance to get / buy a chipless firmware ? I know its not on compatibility list but maybe someone could help
  14. since can not pass through to the activation screen (read failed-1)
  15. HELLO John could you please reply about if you have new update frimware for WF-C5210 ???
  16. If You get such message - You have to activate Your Key by Yourself: 1. Run WIC utility. 2. MENU - > Support - > Check Key Status 3. Enter Reset Key - you will get the link 4. Follow the link to reactivate Key You have entered 5. You will be sent message with activation link to your email address which was used when You have purchased this Key. 6. Click on activation Link and the Key will be activated. If You can't activate this way - please send us request to our email: John@2manuals.com Provide following information: 1. Your email address used when purchased Keys. 2. Orders number 3. Keys need to be activated.
  17. Dear Sir i would like ask you if you have new update frimware for WF-C5210 like abellow frimware but for WF-C5210 We have updated firmware - please download it here - https://chiplesssolutions.com/download/WFC5710_FWG239TL_ZZ99Z9.zip
  18. For Anyone that has the same problem with me and printer wf-7210 starts only in recovery after firmware downgrade, you have to download the latest firmware and install it. The problem is that Epson website in most countries does not give you the latest firmware and you can not fix it. I found the firmware in http://support.epson.com.tw/i-tech/韌體/FWG537TL_SA12J4.zip and I fixed the printer but I can not downgrade it as the Wicreset says. Is it possible to renew my key of the order 177078 in order to use it in an other printer model ? Thanks
  19. I can connect to you remotely and try to sort it out, if it possible, please, send me your contact info via PM (skype or telegram).
  20. Maybe there are new printer revisions that do not work correctly with chipless firmware? I need to make 10 of them. Pls help
  21. I think I must of done something wrong. I thought that is what I sent you. I entered the activation key in the software I sent a picture on.
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  23. You can clear it by Activation Key and License.exe utilyty But If You cant use them - then the only one way is - to use original ink cartridges
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