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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware

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  4. My friend has the same problem wf-c579r printer


    pls help


  5. My friend has the same problem wf-c579r printer pls help
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  9. Please contact Person You have Paid by Mesa directly!Please give us your contact Person You have paid byMpesa directly!!
  10. Please Reboot Your PC and restart Your printer. Be sure printer is connected to PC by USB cable directly - not through USB HUB. yourPc and restart printer
  11. Unfortunately, we do not have this model so I do not know which chip exactly contains firmware data, we also do not have firwmare dump so you will need 18050 motherboard in the first place at which point it might me better to just replace motherboard altogether.
  12. paid for key via mpesa but not received
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  15. kib82330


    Hi , I got error 10093 when using the activation key I bought 3 days ago. The order number is # 294271 I sent a PM to you , and you had reply to me and told me the key is used?? But it's my first time to try to apply that key! I don't really understand what is your meaning ? Please give me more detail explain. Thx. BR, Frank
  16. wf7210 erro 10093 a tentar ativar
  17. It asks me to send them my How to generate HW ID and I will generate it as I send it to them. Order ID: 31535846 Email: riverag1681@gmail.com
  18. I paid with Paypro and I have not received my license, when I go to the history it tells me to download the license but it sends me to get the ID of my machine but it does not tell me how to send it to them. Could you help me with this issue. Order ID: 31535846 Email: riverag1681@gmail.com
  19. Can I do this downgrade for my XP-1500 with a Mac?
  20. Hi there, I'm so lost. I received a message from 2manuals saying that I could make the downgrade to my XP-15000 on my mac, but the WIC utility doesn't have the options. Please let me know how I can proceed. Thanks.
  21. Hello. I paid via Webmoney, but there is no operation in my personal account. the payment has been completed Kott1987@yandex.ru
  22. Please add my Canon TS9000 Series Printer (TS9055) to the list of supported models. Best Regards reinhardt
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