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  3. You can not use Activation Key second time
  4. This version of the firmware has been blocked on your device by epson and could not be installed. You need to use firmware from Chipless Solutions:
  5. When trying to activate, I get an error that says communication failed. I already changed the cable, I tried all the ports of the pc
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  7. Hi i cannot downgrade my WF-7720 [FA27K7] to version [FA27HC] in NORMAL MODE: i did my best on the manual but the printer does not restart [i wait 2 hours, hangs up] i unplugged the cable and after 5 minutes plugged in: => starting Recovery Mode i have reinstalled the firmware FA27K7 with "wicreset recovery firmware" in recovery mode <= this works in RECOVERY MODE: i receive an error message: ROM IS NOT WRITABLE have you ideas?
  8. Good day. Please, read this first: If problem persists, click report button in the WIC and post screenshot here.
  9. I know you said you're expected to finish this year but is there a rough time frame for when this could be available? Also, are you expecting to support the new Epson 4820s and 4830s?
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  11. Greetings to everyone, I have a problem with epson vf 7210, but I tried everything, it does not help, time goes by and I can not do anything, anyway there is an error with number 2, I wrote to the support there but they answer for a very long time, can anyone come across this problem, ALL DONE according to the instructions! The firmware came with an earlier version, but the key did not enter, then error 3, then 2.
  12. Hello there with this software; Can Epson PP-100 dvd or bluray counters be reset? Can the dvd or bluray firmware be changed at the same time? I would be very happy if you reply in a short time. thanks
  13. good afternoon, the problem is in activating the WF7210
    I stitched it originally SA12J4
    then the key activation stage passed, it gives me an error: Activation recording error - 3, I tried again (it used to happen Activation recording error - 2) but at this stage, error 3
    read the forums, it still does not help. What can you recommend?

    1. Кирилл


      not the first day I am already suffering, before there were no such problems with other models

  14. Help, I can't reply my thread, when s signed in but can view the post when was signed out
  15. Good day. Unfortunately, it means that this version of the firmware has been blocked for your device by epson. In order to restore usual functionality you can use free recovery mode firmware in WIC. 1. First enable firmware for fixing recovery mode in the settings (main menu > file > settings). 2. Start the printer in the recovery mode. 3. In the new combo box under `Fix Recovery Mode` section (the last one) select your printer's model.
  16. Hello, today i get the key for downgrade my Epson SureColor P800, after Firmware has been successfully uploaded, I have a ROM NOT WRITABLE in LCD panel. Now, Recovery Mode screen in the printer. I need HELP, please.
  17. What is Your Current Firmware version in printer now? How to check current firmware version:
  18. Hello I have an epson wf 2860 and it is not updating the firmware, someone knows why? Version says it has 10.52.LQ99Z9 thanks
  19. Iam getting communication error 10060 too. Since 5 hours ago. Not able to use any license
  20. friend I am trying to activate my password, it throws me the following error activation is frozen

    order # 205990


    1. Luis



      Ready solved

  21. Sorry for that. We have server issue from yesterday. We hope to fix it in 2 hours. Please try later. We appreciate your patience and understanding.
  22. John_Admin


    Sorry for that. We have server issue from yesterday. We hope to fix it in 2 hours. Please try later. We appreciate your patience and understanding.
  23. Dee m


    Error code saying connection failed... just purchased activation code. Should not be happening.
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