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  2. sorry I dont understand your question. Give us screenshots please
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  4. good evening! I am also interested in this printer.
  5. It didn't work for me and my code was used.
  6. Delete all other printers from your PC Reboot PC Connect printer byu USB cable Download and extract files from archive - https://chiplesssolutions.com/download/chipless/WF2630_FWE728TL_LF26I1_LF99Z9.zip Upload firmware to printer in NORMAL MODE I mean dont put printer in Firmware mode Waite until printer restarts Then shut down updater and run License.exe application and use your key
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  8. Good night, I'm also interested. Do you have any predictions?
  9. Good night, I'm also interested. Do you have any predictions?
  10. alguna ayuda no me carag el firware versión LF26I1 ya he cambiado de cable usb y de pc y llega hasta 14 %
  11. 120/5000 I am connected through live chat and nobody responds to me, I need an urgent solution, I always buy here.
  12. Please send us Your Key - we will check it Contact by forum message or Live Chat
  13. Hello, good morning, install the firmware without any problem then buy the key as usual, but when activating with the key it indicates a communication error, in Epson WF-2850 printer, I try to install the key and I get this error, I hope you can solve this impasse, thanks. Attached catch the error.
  14. I've got an XP-340 that, thanks to the latest firmware update that slipped through, won't recognize 3rd party ink cartridges. I attempted manual downgrades to MJ10H8 directly, but even though the printer showed the firmware update file being transferred, it wouldn't install. I was pointed to the WIC Reset utility and just tried with that. I followed through the steps, put the printer in maintenance mode, bought the firmware key (order #19836630), and WIC reset says it's updated, but the printer still, at the end of the read/write cycle, shows the firmware as the latest version
  15. Key has been sent to your email on July 9 Now we sent it in forum Private Message - check
  16. Hi, I figured it out- I was using the front usb port that I assume is only intended for storing scans and such, I was unaware that there was another on the side, which was able to allow the printer to communicate with my computer. I assumed that the connection worked due to the firmware update going through but after checking I saw that this update was done over my network and not through the cable. Thank you for the help
  17. just paid for the code, haven't received yet, look the junk mail also nothing. The paid was made and already charged. My e mail address is castvera@gmail.com please send code ASAP
  18. Chipless firmware is available for WF-3720, but not for the WF-2830. Supported models - https://chiplesssolutions.com/buy.shtml
  19. Hi Just wondering how can be confirmed if an Epson WF 2830 and WF 3720 firmware can be changed to chipless? Thank You
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  21. Printing with PDF File, there is not any double line printing. Printing with Word or Excel, there is about 20% of printing failure with double printing lines. I hear many cases from Europe and Korea. And going back to OEM Firmware, the problem is solved. Can you fix your Firmware or not?
  22. If you tried other computers and other USB cables - maybe something with printers USB port. Firmware Updater and License.exe use different protocols. So try to use new USB cable Something on your side
  23. I have changed the cable and tried another computer, the printer still isn't being recognised. The printer shows version FA24I5, and I have uninstalled other printers (although this is for home and so I do not have many other printers connected). I have rebooted the printer and computers multiple times
  24. Tomas please ask PayPro for the refund for this purchase as you have not received the key Please order and pay here - https://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?cPath=107&products_id=1948
  25. Order ID: 19769155 for canon g2400 but the secend payment 8.93 euro for what ?
  26. I made all the purchase process again from a different computer, attached the pics. Please make something about this because is making people pay for a different product. What can you make to solve my situation?? https://ibb.co/f4TPxmm https://ibb.co/Pw6gGQz Select Pay for activation Key https://ibb.co/xFNWsH0 Select XP-211 https://ibb.co/4Wcmx5L Paypro Global payment page
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