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  2. Good day. Unfortunately this means that this version of the firmware has been blocked, you can restore normal behaviour by flushing latest version of the firmware from official site.
  3. that means we need to know codes status 1-DFDBX-BJG3X-CB283-QB46M-RDG6C 2-BG62F-CBK2H-M8D7V-8MQPX-K7D8K need to know the date which used it and which printer and which serial number of printer
  4. we need to know the information about these 2 chipless codes, DFDBX-BJG3X-CB283-QB46M-RDG6C BG62F-CBK2H-M8D7V-8MQPX-K7D8K
  5. Your key expiration date was March 2020 so now it is expired
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  7. Hello I bought a firmware flash key this morning. But, the Epson firmware can't be flushed. The actually printer firmware is 10.46.FA27K7 Do you know what is the problem? The WIC behaves like usual: download, install, then says the firmware is uploaded. WIC said the firmware was flushed, but printer keep on thinking..... I turned it off after 1H, and when I turned it on, it was on recovery mode. And no way to go back to normal mode.... And the key is already used, so no way to use it to flush again Can you help me ? I tried many times with an other software I bought few days ago( INKCHIP ), but still same issue : "Rom is not writable" How can I do to use refil cartridge with my printer ? Many thanks P.S. Sorry for my english, I'm french
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  9. Several weeks ago I successfully installed the Chipless solutions firmware for my Epson XP-15000 printer. Before installing I disabled the status monitor 3 as instructed. I then permanently uninstalled the Epson software updater app. I now see a new surprising message on the printer's screen saying: "A firmware update is available . . . Update the firmware from the Settings menu" While I'm not about to do that my concern is that someone else might do it inadvertently and overwrite the Chipless firmware that I bought and installed. So I'm not sure if an update might be in the printer's memory and if so I don't know how to delete it. Incidentally I found a Windows Scheduled Task that I guess was set up by Epson. It was set "Search for EPSON software updates, and notifies you when updates are available.". I was unaware of this automatic task and nobody mentioned it. I have now disabled that task so not a problem anymore but maybe an update got downloaded to the printer.
  10. My C5210 printer with chipless when printing black text pdf file or black text and image mixed pdf sometimes the lines overlapped leading to printer jam. For color printing sometimes a page is not printed properly but the machine does not jam. Please advise if it is FW fault or what? thank you.
  11. I have confirmed same problem exists on XP15000 purchased in Canada. The version of software installed is NW2017. I now have a printer that prints BLANK pages. It is November 26,2020. The firmware is not good anymore.
  12. Thank you for the regional information. Please reread my previous post concerning why i cant do a "normal" mode and what i did with the recovery firmware.
  13. The only difference here is during the writing of the initial settings, if this operation is used application will set region to europe in the eeprom and default paper size to A4, everyting else is the same. Additionally error codes usualy indicate mechanical malfunction and this looks more like firmware failure, try to update firmware from the official epson site before doing anything else (in normal mode first and in service mode if it will not work).
  14. I have a WF-4740 that just passed 3 years of general, trouble-free household use and suddenly won't boot past the logo screen (with the bar passing back and forth along the bottom. I've let it sit for a day like that and it doesn't budge. I've had it completely unplugged for a day and tried. I am able to use the power button to perform a proper shut down. I'm able to access via USB (we're normally wifi) and ran the recovery firmware tool which seemed to run properly. None of these has worked. I finally found the service manual here and bought it and the first thing I see in the t-shooting flowchart says to use this tool to pull any error codes (none appear on the display). So this tool says "(EURO)" after the WF-4740 and I'm wondering if this is compatible with my American WF-4740.
  15. Hi all, The Subject is the description of the product. I have an American WF-4740 though. Would this program be suitable for that, even though the product description says "EURO"?
  16. there isn't key in the mail. service@toner.bg key for WF-C5790 order # 201027
  17. https://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?cPath=107&products_id=1849 If firmware version is OR18HC - firmware has been uploaded successfully. You can go to next Step. What do You have to do next after uploading chipless firmware? 1. Buy this Activation Key2. Download License.exe application (Windows only) - download here3. Run License.exe under Windows and press Activate Online button 4. Input Activation Key and press Ok!
  18. I followed the instruction to downgrade the firmware on my Epson SC P800. Everything went OK until the two green progress bars got to 99% complete. At that point I got an error message that the firmware upgrade failed. However, the WIC utility in REPORT tab tells me the printer has firmware version OR18HC. Is it now Ok for me to purchase the key to install the chinless ability? A screen shot of what the WIC utility sees right now is attached to show the current firmware version.
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  20. Numer faktury 20150209 Szczegóły zakupu 20838354 9,99 USD bogdanw1@interia.pl PayPal_ Szczegóły transakcji.pdf faktura za drukarke.pdf
  21. I have installed the chipless solution to my Epson XP-4100. I have turned off all updates from Epson. The printer works for a couple of days and then starts reporting paper jam error 000025. Last time I reinstalled the firmware update and got it working again. This time I still get the paper jam errors. Has anyone else seen this and have a solution to get over it.
  22. I used Noinks key. There was an error and there's nothing to be saved there. If there is I should've saved it because there has been some issues regarding not recovering files! But I continued using the chipless firmware because I thought there is nothing wrong with it not until now that it frustrates me why it don't recognize new maintenance box even though I changed it and I even bought resetter for this! I have also tried resetting the firmware but it just don't work! What else to do about it? It's my primary source of income! And it keeps me at bay for almost a month now!
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