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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware

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  3. We found the BIN chipless wf7820 7840 in CAMOSYSTEMSRESET . COM they have chipless wf7820 7840 Bin Chipless Chip virtual Epson WF7820 WF7840 ⋆ Reset almohadillas adjprog waste ink pad (camosystemsreset.com)
  4. Hello friends I bought a key yesterday and I get this error try again today and same thing. it already has the firmware and there are no epson processes, no firewall.
  5. I connected the printer to the computer and while opening the activation program, the printer does not appear in the program. What's the solution?
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  7. Hi, I just purchased my activation code for my epson xp15000 when I use the code I get this error how do I fix this thank you. image.png.d35f0260eb8dffc68ca15e11249589a3.png

  8. We have sent replacement keys for your last 3 orders. Please check PM
  9. Already sent to your email please check
  10. It should work, first try to upload chipless firmware and buy the key only if it is uploaded according to the instructions (please, read the topic in my signature for nuances).
  11. I dont want to, but I will ugh... what If I run bootcamp and add the windows to my Mac and switch to the windows operating system for this purpose would that her sufficient? I haven't bought he software yet, I'm honestly still looking for printing solutions for sublimation creating and I'm just kind of deciding if it would be cheaper energy wise, to just spend the extra hundred on an eco tank .... But, yeah will windows on Mac via bootcamp work?
  12. Hey, John, please, I need a return. Did you block me, body?? I saw my credit card invoice, and two of three invoices are cancelled. (I have another invoice in name of Aline Pointes, my wife, that wasn´t cancelled, but the keys doesn´t works too... so I have 20 keys now that doesn´t works) Thats how do you solve your questions? Blocking a costumer who purchased not 200, but 436 keys in the last year? I´m sorry, ok? I was injuried because I´m absolutelly sure that this key had some problem. I swear... I didn´t use it. But I prefer apologise with you and assume this cost to finish that question, ok? Don´t block me, body. I have a family and a 5 year boy... thats not the correct way to handle it. You are professional. Hope you consider my questions.
  13. All this keys are presenting the same error.
  14. OH I JUST RELISED HOW DUMB I AM. Thought i put this in a trouble shooting forum. Not a software issue forum... Sorry about that.
  15. As I told you above - it is HARDWARE problem. So it can not be fixed by software. Broken belt can not be fixed by software
  16. Hello! We thought it could be this as our belt at the top was damaged, we couldn't find a cheap replacement for this so we've just went out and got a ET 14000 which works wonders for dye sub printing. Sorry for no proper fix..
  17. Oh... You say that I never had problems with your keys, right?? Uh.... I've JUST purchased a new order with 10 new keys and............ NO ONE WORKS. Is it my guilt too? Follow the error message in attachment. Key ended by: 39XWV is the key of the attachment, but NO ONE WORKS. Printer model: XP241 Order Invoice (#25208446)
  18. Please,. send me the same information of the keys finished by: 6DJQ6 66R3F
  19. what is your Order number?
  20. I can't activate my epson c5290 printer, it gives error 10092, any solution? please contact me matiaszepp@gmail.com can you send me a new activator and a new firmware? CT14l9 is the firmware that my printer has
  21. This errors means printer can not move carriage properly - maybe something interferes with the free movement of the carriage - something broke off or got inside, or you need to lubricate the guides along which the carriage moves Anyway - its hardware issue
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