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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware

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    XP 860

    Hi, I bought a reset code and reset my printer counter. But now when I turn it on it does a head cleaning and then turns off. Then it turns on again and starts doing a new head cleaning. At the end it turns off and on again and resumes another head cleaning ..... Continuously. It gives no error message. Can you help me ?? Please ???
  5. Good morning, good afternoon or good evening I have an epson WF c5710 with a CU10L3 chip, so its serial number is 8xxxx I have other c5710 with serial number 6xxxx and the chipless worked perfectly Will the updated chipless to serial number 8xxxx come out? It is giving error 100016.
  6. XP-970 has 2 Waste Ink Counters. Main counter and Platen waste ink counter. Main Counter is stored in IC Chip placed on Maintenance Box and can be reset by Hardware Chip Resetter. Platen Pad Waste Ink Counter can be reset by WIC Reset Utility absolutely free! Enable Advanced Functions in WIC settings. Open Initialization and Conversions Tab. Select Reset platen pad counter and press Execute button. Thats all!
  7. Give us your Order Number please
  8. need help with this error
  9. Yes, you can use firmware from this topic on WF-M5799DWF.
  10. Good morning, good afternoon or good night! Happy 2022! John takes me out of a doubt... I managed to find the epson M5799 model, but the company made a poster available to me as M5799DWF Does it change anything from the M5799 model to the M5799DWF model? Is there any difference? What chipless do you accept for the M5799dwf model?
  11. The key expired on December 30 You have purchased the key on October 13 Why didn't you use it before December 30?
  12. пробовал на трех компьютерах ( winxp, win7, win10) Thank You for Your order # 221387
  13. Just follow Step by Step Guide - https://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?cPath=107&products_id=1956
  14. Hello, (excuse me I'm French). I would like to install the chipless firmware on my epson WF-7210 printer. What are the risks? Are there any negative feedbacks? Thank you.
  15. Good day. You can't restore old firmware exactly, it is erased on update, but you will be able to flush latest version from official epson site.
  16. I have a WF-7210 and a WF-7720. I want to get them both to have chipless firmwares but i wanted to make sure of this first. If for some reason the update fails or activation fails, is it possible to go back to the original firmware? If so, how do i do that? Just in case. The reason i ask is, i tried 1 time already a few months ago. I tried to do it with the WF-7210. When it got to the activation stage, it went to like 50% but just would not continue, the bar just stayed there for hours, eventually the guy i talked to at the time said just assume its done and go on. Well it didnt work. So i want to make sure that if i try to do the process again, that if it fails, i can at least go back to the firmware on it now. Thanks.
  17. Good day. Can you contact me directly, I will send contacts in PM.
  18. Greetings, Does the WIC Reset tool work for EPSON-ET2851? It looks similar to 2750 and 2751 models. I opened the Maintenance tank and removed it to see if there is a chip, and there is NO chip. So I am concerned if the utility does not support this model. Thanks in advance, Spectr
  19. When Firmware Update process is complete - printer will restart - usually it will take only a few minutes but can continue for 10-20 minutes in some rare cases. If process hangs or stops at 80-99% - replug power cable and start printer manually.Now check current firmware version ( how to check). If firmware version is FA24I5 - firmware has been uploaded successfully. You can go to next Step. If NO - restart the printer and try once more time.
  20. I am using Windows 11 Printer is WF 2830 This is a brand-new printer, so I haven't used it for normal print. Yes, brand new USBA to USBB to a laptop so I have 3 slots, but I have also used all of them. It is enabled in the printer's settings; however, Wi-Fi is connected as well.
  21. Good day. What OS you are using? What is the printer model? Are you normally print via USB or Wi-Fi? Are you using USB-A to USB-B cable and connecting it to the port at the back? Are you sure that USB connection is enabled in the printer's settings? Also, please, read this topic for more information: https://forum.2manuals.com/index.php?/topic/80765-faq-_-how-to-update-and-activate-chipless-firmware-complete-guide/
  22. Took me a little bit to get a new USB. I done all you have stated, and it still is not showing.
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