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  2. What is your printer model??
  3. abraxas147, Sorry we have no one order placed with your email - abraxas147@gmail.com please give us your order number LTS001, Please log in to your 2manuals account and go to your Orders History and find all your orders and keys.
  4. Yesterday
  5. buena tarde Compre una key por mastercard Referencia M46970 correo abraxas147@gmail.com
  6. Hi, I purchased one key but have not recieved any activation codes, reference : OVERSEAS PURCHASE ( 4,00 ) (EFFEC 14072019) VAL'S FINANCE 86658 CARD NO. 7211 Thank you
  7. Last week
  8. error 10094 whit diferent printer and serial
  9. Maybe problems with printers USB port
  10. Bought a code, on order # 168580 license.exe does not detect the printer. checked on different computers and cable changed
  11. Earlier
  12. John_Admin


    you have put in your order other email - uk-1031593@versanet.de - please check it
  13. dear, i have error 46 on my printer dcp 4110, already do this manual purge already 0000 BUT can not solve the problem, the error persist A – For printers with a number key pad: Type 80 on the keypad to open the options up. Use the down arrow key to scroll through the options until you see Purge followed by a number (this is the clean cycle count) Enter 2783 and the number next to the word PURGE should set to zero Press stop or exit to get back to the maintenance mode menu. Type 99 to exit and restart the printer.
  14. John, Hello again. I have been using oem cartridges. Also, i have been trying the print head cleaning the printer performs itself, and then also tried a manual cleaning. Nothing is working, just getting very minute amounts of print showing, if hardly anything at all. Since it wont' print, I'll only be able to use the printer for scanning. However, I have another identical 4730, and was hoping i could transfer your firmware to that printer. Can that be done? Thanks.
  15. I don't know how your company working but you took my money and i waiting 27 hrs for my Activation Key. If you guys do NOT have member to do your job, please tell to your page to NOT buy any product on weekends or holiday because we lost time and we need right away the product because we lost. I know you do not care about this, but i care. I want answer WHY your product is not in my email after my payment. My payment done from yesterday.
  16. Uwe


    hello I have ordered for 1 WIC reset key two days ago (17163162 for epson stylus sx125). I haven't receive any mail with the key. Please sent it to feifel-krauses@hotmail.de Thanks you
  17. Hola alguien sabe si ya va salir el chippless para esta epson?
  18. please send us your order number can reply in PM
  19. when i try to use key (have many) on all Key hace yhis error Thamks
  20. I open de License.exe and when I click Activate the program stop forever, please help me!
  21. upload chipless firmware once more time.Not in program update mode.
  22. i upload chipless firmware . i run crack ,print warring erro 06008 , I have done like instruction chipless epson C5290
  23. Everytime when You buy software license for one PC - You are required to send Hardware ID. To generate this ID You have to do: 1. Download HardWare ID Utility HWID.exe - download 2. Run HWID.exe: Note! You have to disable antivirus or put HWID.exe file to ignore list! 3. Copy yours PC Hardware ID - Ctrl+C 4. Go to payment page and enter HardWare ID in to specified field: 5. Make payment and You will get download link with Software with the License file included. Unzip file to folder on your PC. 6. Put Software to Antivirus Ignore list or disable Antivirus. Then Run Ordered software. Note: License will work for one computer only. You cant use it on other. If You change motherbord or processor - it will not work.
  24. upload chipless firmware once more time. Now in regular mode. Not in program update mode.
  25. Maybe Activation Key you try to use is for other printer model or expired. Please send us your key in PM - we will check it
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