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  2. Ink device error. Ink cartridge failure. Holder board assy failure (CSIC or contact failure). Cable or FFC disconnection.Main board failure.
  3. John_Admin

    Canon reset

    1. Sorry we dont know such printer model. 2. Free Trial key doesnt exist for Canon
  4. Please contact person to whom you have paid. Call him.
  5. I have purchased a one time key via mpesa and I havent received it yet
  6. Sur une imprimante EPSON XP 810 il s'affiche erreur 0xC1 et elle est bloquée. Que faire pour la débloquer et la remettre en fonctionnement.
  7. efetuei a compra de uma licença para ativar o firmware da impressora xp-231 o valor já foi descontado no cartão mais ate o momento não recebo a chave e não consta nos meus itens comprados (código da encomenda: 16344039, email: cristiano_paschoalim@hotmail.com).
  8. canonhelpme

    Canon reset

    how can i get a reset key for my g200 canon printer for free please????
  9. You have to work on printer. When waste ink counters will overflow - You have to reset them.
  10. Please contact us by email or PM
  11. Earlier
  12. I didnt get the key after payment , please reply ASAP , urgent matter 1. Your email address (which You have used placing an order). : shahirnana@gmail.com 2. Date when payment has been made. : 10 march malaysia time 3. Amount. : 9.99 usd 4. How have You paid? PayPal, Credit Card, Scrill, Western Union etc. : PAYPAL 5. Your Order number (if You have got it). - NONE
  13. I accidentally reset my brand new printer using the trial key. My brand new workforce 2750dwf is now at 90% on the ink counter. What should I do ?
  14. I bought the key opened the email got Reference Number only and I need Activated code My printer already pass firmware update
  15. Hola, desde hace 2 dias que no puedo activar 2 contraseñas en distintas impresoras epson xp 231, anteriormente (hace una semana) lo hice sin problemas. Mañana me vencen ambas contraseñas para el chipless
  16. Activation Key has been sent to your PM - please check and reply
  17. Guest Juan carlos, what is there problem???
  18. Guest Peter, please check your email pkroezen@gmail.com Guest yoshikawa, check your email
  19. Please give us Your Order number
  20. Hi, I ordered a reset key for the Epson PP-50 with Order #159668 but didn't receive a key yet. My email is pkroezen@gmail.com I payed with creditcard on Wednesday, March 06, 2019 Greetz, Peter
  22. I was able to fix the problem and now the printer works. However, the black cartridge is not working properly. It prints only blurry lines. I have replaced it with a new one, but still does the same thing. When I print in all other colors, it works fine, so it is just a problem with the black ink. Also, i tried to use the scanner function of the printer yesterday and it did not work. I only get the attached imagine. I imagine that it has something to do with the new software installed. Can you please tell me how to fix it Thanks
  23. Order ID: 851411 I have payed the key but not recevied. my mail id ; ryo06214869@yahoo.co.jp payment date 05/03/2019 payment at convenience store by cash I chacked the massage in spam folder and my order history. But there has nothing. Please check on that.
  24. Your Activation Key for SC-P800, PX3V - use before March 5 order is complete (#16284285) contact@jkoral.com Paypal 03/014/2019
  25. For CX6900 You have to use this software - https://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?products_id=1083
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