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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware

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  2. Hi all once again, So the saga continues with me and my supposed brand new wf 7210 printer. It is still, after 6 weeks of trying every profile, plus trying Adobe photo shop, elements and illustrator, it is still printing red as orange or with orange tints. myccpay account
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  5. Hello :) Hope you are all doing great these days. I got the problem that i installed a CISS into my WF-7720 and flashed a chipless firmware on the printer which is just shit. Now i am stuck with that and i want to change it back to original but i cannot find an original firmware that i can download. Do you guys have any tip? Thanks in advance! :) official website
  6. We have sent You PM, please check
  7. Hello, I´m having problems in almost all my purchases. Some keys don´t activate. Error message: 10092 This time, we have acquired 10 keys, and 4 of then doesn´t works. Invoice #22572696 Keys presenting problem ends with: 8XBWQ / 8HKDK / FPPK6 / QH77K (last 4 of my purchase) I need your help urgent, please. Costumers waiting. Thanks Jeff
  8. Hi, I have tried to update firmware about 10 times, currently says CL30J5, when I run license utility i get 10092 error. Order number is 22611513 Screenshot of Wic reset report is attached.
  9. hello i have epson wf-8010 i dont find this firmware HD10G6 10/06/2016 please help me
  10. There is no plans to develop chipless firmware for SC-T2100, SC-t5100. We have only Adjustment Program for making printers adjustments and maintenance - https://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?products_id=1980
  11. Activation Key is used one time for one printer, until firmware will be updated. So please after activation - disable automatic firmware updates.
  12. just a quick question. Do i need to purchase a activation key each time I need to "change" ink, or is this a onetime per printer key? Thanks
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  14. Try to use other internet For example. - mobile internet
  15. I am having the same error. Please help get this resolved.
  16. Trying to use this machine for sublimation do i just have to use compatible sublimation ink in order to convert it? onevanilla
  17. Order status is - WAITING Maybe you have not provided your full and real contact information and PayPro couldnt contact you to be sure payment is done by you.
  18. Boa noite, Preciso urgentemente do arquivo EEPROM .bin da impressora Epson WF6090. depois de ativar o chipless ele desligou e nem mesmo ligou o display. A impressora está parada
  19. I have some broken contact connectors I found. All from "Reinstalling the cartridge correctly" Now I can't install cyan or magenta until I get replacement parts. Epson keeps saying call them, as if they can walk me through this over the phone
  20. Hello again, I ordered a reset key for an Epson printer Order #22574354 but didn't receive a key yet. My email is info@descafecol.com I payed with creditcard on july 13. I checked the massage in spam folder and my order history. But there was nothing. Thanks
  21. ok but I bought by this means that tells me and pay by Paypal and verify what I leave attached in the image I can pay the difference to get chipless because this code does not work for me. in the image that I leave attached. It says what I needed precisely which is chipless. I ask you please if you allow me to pay the difference for the chipless or if you return the money to be able to buy it again through your page
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