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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware

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  2. Yes, you will need mostly full cartridges to perform this, also it will waste a lot of those inks.
  3. Yes, it's only on ones of a lesser level. So maybe I need to have new cartridges to perform the charge?
  4. Good day. I can connect to you remotely and check the process myself. If you ok with that I will send contact information in the PM.
  5. Good day. I`m not sure about this model specifically, but I have seen very similar problem in the past with the different printer and the treshhold there was 60%. When you get an error about unrecognised cartridges does it only affect colors under some level or all of them?
  6. The only modification to the printer itself is mechanical, simply popping out the mechanical guide rollers then flushing through with the different ink and including 4x white. Standard printer firmware and no special settings in the firmware itself. I do also resettable ink cartridges installed. Here's a link to a typical guide: https://www.opendtg.com/topic/2279-my-epson-p600-dtf-conversion-step-by-step-overview/ You need to use RIP software that knows where to print white, but it can still print normally with standard drivers if you need to. The printer needs regular head cleaning to prevent clogging ( even more than Epson's own ink ) and it's a complete pain to flush ink through when you want to perform a deep clean because it would be best to perform a purge, but as you know the carts need to be reading full enough to be able to do one of those. Hence the chipless firmware.
  7. Hi John Definitely ready to print, ink levels all look good (at least over 1/3 on all)? Thanks Heather
  8. What ink levels show Epson Status Monitor? What printer status it shows - must be Ready to print
  9. Explain what does this procedure contain?
  10. Just purchased the Epson R3000 Service Adjustment Program which I finally got to download properly, unzipped all the files and pressed Ink Charge which is what I needed. it keeps coming up with a communication error code 20000107 and the printer says some of my cartridges can't be recognised (they are all genuine? Printer was working fine also - I just have no magenta ink showing in prints despite cleaning, so believe the ink charge can help with this). How can I get the ink charge to work? Thanks Heather
  11. I've made no modifications other than converting printer to DTF ink back in May. Yes, I got a 10092 the very first time I tried to activate a few minutes after receiving the activation code by email (received 19/09/2023 22:13BST) . I unzipped license_28-01-2023.zip at 22:19BST on 19/09/2023 so it it likely I first applied the acitivation code soon after. I took a dump of the EEPROM using WICReset prior to updating the firmware (timed at 21:20BST), and then again yesterday. There aren't a huge number of differences but I've attached them both in case it is a help. Sorry to be such a pain, your help really is appreciated. 2023-09-19 SC-P600 Series.eeprom 2023-09-21 SC-P600 Series.eeprom
  12. Good day. Did you do any modification to the printer? Like replacing a motherboard or chips? Did you get 10092 error the very first time when you tried to activate it? Can you remember date and time when you try to do it first?
  13. Yes, I've read it many times. Firmware always reports as AT13H6 after every attempt and the software hangs at 71%, with the printer LCD itself looks normal and isn't in recovery mode. However, the fact the progress bar increases when it is manually reset then hangs suggests the software is expecting to do more once the SC-P600 enumerates again. Maybe it is just a firmware version verification but it may have been more than that.. Having established firmare AT13H6 has been loaded (and reloaded, and reloaded), the problem(s) still exist that the recovery key supplied above always reports "Activation key and printer ID don't match" and 10092 when using the activation key. I have also tried removed the initial '- ' prefix just in case that wasn't part of it the actual recovery key. Here is a copy-and-paste of my printer's ID as reported by license.exe v1.19 (28.01.2023): Serial:UN7Y021022 ID Code: jSFdzBLvbFzJwnbQ5rtNyhArzMH/YQZ2Yw9zpI6tsswFkgovHmCRIY4q4At6f4nC/aAULxyS HJfuClsR3zb2oJQoz52JN4vEYoiFo4DHokglZCUHJwqYMumcJkX5CNe4Fm2c6l7Ih0z6ezyW +f3wKSsjm5KpnV31lLimoioWRXA=
  14. Have you read the Step by Step Guide?????? When Firmware Update process is complete - printer will restart - usually it will take only a few minutes but can continue for 10-20 minutes in some rare cases. If process hangs or stops at 80-99% - replug power cable and start printer manually. Step 4 Now check current firmware version ( how to check ). If firmware version is AT13H6 - firmware has been uploaded successfully. You can go to next Step. If NO - restart the printer and try once more time.
  15. OK, I used EPFWUPD.exe to update the firwmare over USB and it got stuck at 71% waiting for the printer to restart, even though the printer had restarted. Waited 15mins in this state then manually restarted uding the power button. Immediately on pressing the button, the progress bar jumped up to 84% then hung again at 85%, "still waiting for the printer to restart.". It has now been in that state for a while but will leave it jsut in case. I don't remember this happening last time, but that was updated over the network.
  16. Yes. And upload firmware in Normal mode!!
  17. Thanks. I tried the recovery code with the existing (chipless firmware) but it says the Activation code and printer's ID do not match. I tried with both your License.exe's paste button as well as windows cntrl-v. Are you suggesting I reflash the chipless firmware again and then try the recovery code?
  18. Please try using Your Recovery Code - NUPM4FzEiJmz9LbFf85nraRY1xQAAAAAiQAAAGtUisV+FqPa0Us/oAsR9GxD3DbSAQAAAK0AAAA+AAAAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACsGCaNTvUUZeiwbxFqwDIfGTSlQkhIgAK7AAAAAAD46yQKlclcBQAAAAAAAAAATBLHAgAAAAA= Upload chipless firmware and instead of using Activation Key - put Recovery Code in lower window
  19. How do I raise a support request for a 1092 problem during license activation on an SC-P600? All the steps for uploading the firmware worked and WICReset reports AT13H6. License.exe also appears to communicate with the printer until the license key is entered. Have tried all the suggested steps such as different port, different cable, firewall off, power everything off/on, disable all services using WICReset, run as administrator etc, but no joy. Was printing normally before firmware update, so presumably the drivers are all still OK. Thanks for any help. Order Invoice: #29270192
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  21. Does The Chipless firmware work for PX-M885F (Japan Version of WF-C5790)? PX-M884F (Japan Version of WF-C5710) is listed with WF-C5710. But PX-M885F is not listed.
  22. Bună, membru nou, cheia mea de activare nu funcționează, așa că ce ar trebui să fac în acest caz, vă rog să mă ajutați? HC1B87E5-6215EB0B-121-48F54
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