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  2. Sorry I don't understand what means : just make the same steps next time
  3. 1. I dont have it 2. You dont need it - just make the same steps next time 3. Disable automatic updates
  4. ok thank you it works again. But now the problem, is I didn't save the recovry code, can you send it to me my serial Serial:X3B3005149 ID Code: HeBA4tazPgynniv4XoktWJtatzS5VAb4a6WmLWFmKhrB+Fuy7NNTxSrk0bTiL0YLpP3fCciJ WARCDDVLmWlUjpXTqtpxVdM+WO4eOmSFp87CBTl3LeD3mXqF89vMlg+nhDrI4QND9lOWD7q5 t8JW1+U0zFsktdkj+mhWUDc/TKU=
  5. If your printer has updated from internet - you have to do following: Upload to printer our firmware in regular mode Don't put printer in firmware mode Then restart printer
  6. OK, I put the FRW CU26I9 I didn't disabled
  7. yes the printer download last firmware, how can I fix that please ?
  8. P.S. We can give You little discount. But We have NO free keys
  9. I understand very well that my unfortunate situation was not caused by your responsibilities. I want to clarify that mine is absolutely not an attempt to use the key on another printer, but it was simply to have the opportunity to use what I purchased! Consider the timing communicated to you, I could not take advantage of the chipless functionality ... I was hoping for a better understanding of my case ...
  10. Last week
  11. So I paid for nothing! Did You used your Key??? If You have not used - You can use it !!! If You have used already - You have paid for using this key on your printer and key did its job - printer became chipless. Activation Key doesnt garantee Your printer will not have any problems. So if You have used the key - it means You have paid for using this key and for making your printer chipless. Chipless firmware doesnt have any relation to other printer problems that can be in future. P.S. We can give You little discount. But We have NO free keys
  12. Really bad and unprofessional answer. Me and nobody else will be able to use the purchased key because the printer has been scrapped! So I paid for nothing! And then foreigners criticize the honesty of Italian people...
  13. You have already used Your Activation Key You have paid for key and got the key. Then You have USED Your Key. Every key is generated after payment. We have no free keys. If You have other printer - You have other key. For the printer in which key was used - it can work as many times as you want. So the kry you have purchased - is valid on printer that was used for chipless.
  14. I had bought the WF-2865 printer on December 5, 2019. Then, on January 3, 2020 I purchased the Chipless license key. Unfortunately on 10 January 2020 my printer stopped working (it did not turn on anymore), so it was replaced by the dealer with the same product (see receipt). The old broken printer has been collected and scrapped by the dealer. I therefore do not claim to use the activation code (not yet expired) for one another product, but only to be able to use it on my only printer WF-2865. Otherwise I would have thrown the € 35 spent for nothing! I therefore ask for your support, Thank you !
  15. I would like to use only one buyed code for the only one my printer. The old one will not never use because scrapped by the dealer! I pay for 1 code / 1 device and I want to use it, or please send a full refund. Thanks
  16. https://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?cPath=107&products_id=1924 Activation Key for making Epson WF-2860, WF-2861, WF-2865 printer Chipless (for one device only) Activation Key can be used on ONE printer - ONE device unlimited times. But for 2-nd, 3-rd etc other printers You have to use other Activation Key. You want to buy 1 key and use it for 1000 printers??
  17. Please send me a solution in order to use my buyed key for the my printer. Thanks
  18. Ok, I understand, but if the printer has been replaced, therefore no longer usable, I believe that I have the right to use my (unexpired) key on the new printer! Otherwise I would have paid a license for nothing!
  19. You can not use the same key on more then 1 printer Key is for ONE device
  20. Hi John, due to replacement of the printer directly from the seller, because it no longer switch on after a few days, I tried to activate the new one, after update CS FW, but I receive the message communication failed !!! My personal license KEY should still be active: "Please use Your Activation Key: Dxxx-7GYYR-GCxxx-K6TDC-xxC6G - use before February 10" Please help to find a solution, thanks.
  21. Please follow Step by Step Guide - https://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?cPath=107&products_id=1924
  22. please how i use the chipless solution for wf-2860 .
  23. I cannot activate the key on my wf-7710 I installed recommended firmware - WF7710_FWG535TL_FA99Z9 purchased the key. When I try to activate it - it says "communication failed, blah-blah-blah" - 10091 I made sure I don't use any proxy and turned off firewalls - windows defender, etc. order ID: 18659140 Serial:X45Q134408 How I can activate it?
  24. What firmware version have You uploaded to your Printer??? Have You disabled automatic firmware updates from internet?? Maybe Your printer had updated from epson again?
  25. Hi John, I downgrade well my c5710 with whipless software. But after few days, I have this problem of recognition of all the cartridge. I tried to take them off but it still the same. How can i fix that please ? Thank you
  26. John_Admin

    No ink

    Remove printer drivers. Then install up to date printer drivers. Clean printhead
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