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  2. Hello, I have use some times your chipless servisse for printer WF 2630, and works good. Now i buy a key for a Epson printer WF 7710 and give me the follow error, i try several times and give me a same error, can you hel p please. Please see the image. Thanks Manuel
  3. hello. I got the updater to start. now i get this screen (attached screenshot). i can't select the printer, but i can select the 'usb'. do i select the usb? the printer is hooked up using usb. thanks
  4. Press right upper location of touch screen - then POWER Hold until Blue Power button will turn ON - then release all buttons If You hold more time - you will get Red text
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  6. Activation Keys without expiration date is more expensive - $5 more
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  8. Please COPY and PASTE key in License.exe utility Dont type manualy bcoz can make mistakes
  9. Thank You for Your order # 164947 Charge for this order will appear in Your Bank Statement as Vals Finance LLC Please use Your Activation Key: code hidden - use before May 30 error 10088
  10. Hi I Buy 2 activation codes for chipless printing and nothing the software aparently upload a firmware to my printer, and nothing goes. Jorge
  11. I would like to buy bulk activation keys by a lot for my company's use but the expirations is an issue. Is there any way to get longer lasting keys or get some that never expire if I pay more?
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  13. but I have a different printer (wf 2510), there is a solution?
  14. just a second!!! if i made a printer to chipless only works on the PC that i made the "transformation"??? so that seen your answer means,,, and this are not that all we need..... if i do this modification to a printer i wish can be used by my kids, my wife, etc...
  15. If You can't make firmware downgrade by WIC utility - it means Your printer has newest Main board version.Epson made some changed in new main board. The solution in this case is here:Use Activation Keys and License.exe application for P607 - http://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?cPath=107&products_id=1850
  16. Hi John (admin?), Just for information r.e. previous post. We changed PC's to one with windows 10 64bit and program works fine. Still not sure of the reason why it wasn't working on other PC which was windows 7 64 bit, but notice another person on previous page of forum seemed to have same issue. Cheers
  17. Hi Admin, We are testing chipless on a WF-3720 and have managed to test firmware etc, however when we download and open the licence.exe file there are no printers shown in the drop down Any suggestions?
  18. Me too, P607 cant accept rom, and John still get no respon until now.
  19. Chipless solution works very well on my printer(xp15000) except that it cannot reset the chip on maintenance box. I guess that functions of the chips on ink cartridges and the maintenance box are very similar and even the same -----showing the remaining ink or remaining room for absorbing waste ink. So why not upgrade the chipless solutions to make the ink chips and waste ink chips "CHIPLESS“?Good day~~
  20. Iam use license.exe, but key is different with the key for wicreset. I give you my key, please read my message.
  21. You have to run License.exe utility and enter Activation Key Read manual here - http://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?cPath=107&products_id=1850
  22. Why very very slow respon? I need to use my printer.
  23. Can chipless solution for XP-15000, XP-15010 also reset the waste ink cartridge? Thanks!
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