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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware

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  2. You purchased Key for 2100 Why? It can not work with 2850
  3. Last week
  4. Delete other printers installed one your PC Reboot PC Replace USB cable
  5. Hello Order Number: 258139 error 10093 pleace help me
  6. Hello Order Number: 258139 error 10093 pleace help me
  7. license.exe dont show erorr, directly dont read my printers
  8. Please, describe what exactly is happening, is there any errors shown?
  9. iam try to run chipless in a XP-2101 , and program dont read my printer
  10. What for do you need Hardware ID?
  11. cant read hardware ID on windows 10, y use guide TELNET to chek, clean register like always do on windows 7 nothing of all this work in windows 10
  12. Ink charge can be processed if printer has status - Ready to Print and ink levels are more than the 20% each color.
  13. I am using auto reset cartridges in my R3000. All but one cartridge reads as very low on ink, almost empty. I changed a damper in the R3000 and now need to use the adjustment program to get ink in those two channels back to the printhead. However, the adjustment program will not proceed with the ink charge because the printer is telling it that there is not enough ink in most of the cartridges, so I am stuck at this point. Removing the auto reset ink cartridge and then replacing it does not change the fact that the printer still sees it as almost empty since the auto reset cartridge will not go back to full until it thinks it is empty and is then removed and put back in. Is there a way around this so that the adjustment program will do the initial ink fill? Thanks.
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  15. Input Reset Key not reference number
  16. Giving me an error that says reset started do not turn off the printer format of the entered string is similar to the reference number used when paying by a card this is not a key please check again your email including Spam folders if the key is still missing you can check the status of your order here but I did check it and that is the proper key according to the message I was sent help somebody
  17. I have bought no less that 10 licenses from ChiplessSolutions.com - Should I request a refund? Or is there a solution to this? Thank you
  18. Yes,I’ve tried almost everything in internet.
  19. If I understand correctly, you mean link to the guide? If so, then it is not the part of the post, it's in the signature and not related to your issue.
  20. The Epson XP 4200 uses a full set of ink cartridges on 11 4x6 printers! This is a definite issue, please make a chipless solution for this printer!
  21. I have a WF-2850 and I used your app to downgrade the firmware version "BL05K3". I purchased and added activated it. Now I can only print black. Update: I reset the firmware back to the latest by EPSON and replaced new real Epson cartridges and it prints fine. Redid the Firmware downgrade and activated it - Same problem. Any ideas?
  22. Question for "wic.support". You put in your answer about my Epson R3000 a link to chipless firmware, but I do not see the Epson R3000 listed there. Do you have chipless firmware for the R3000? Thanks
  23. Here is EEPROM for R3000 You have to upload it to your printer First save your printers EEPROM R3000.rar
  24. Barring some unexpected anomalous behaviour, writing same version of the firmware will do nothing and nothing will be changed. If you have access to another R3000 then copying eeprom from that printer to yours may or may not help but even if it will help it will remove every printer specific option on the device.
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