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Found 13 results

  1. Hello All. I downgraded my Epson XP-1500 firmware to chipless last year and have been refilling my oem carts since then with no problem. I have been diligent in making sure my carts never go completely empty as they will loose capacity to refill. Today I was printing several 13x19 prints with mostly black background when the printer suddenly stopped in the middle of a print and the status monitor said my black cart was empty. I switched the cart to a full one at which point it showed full and continued the print. I always fill my carts to 27 grams. I weighed the cart that was supposed to be empty and it weighed 16 grams. I refilled this cart to 27 grams and stored. I was surprised that this happened as I thought the ink was always supposed to show full when running chipless. Has anyone else come across this with the XP-15000. Thanks: Freewheelin
  2. Are there any plans on chipless firmware for Epson WF-7820 WF-7840? This model replaced 7710-/7720 wide format printer here in the States. I have had the printer for about a week now and have been able to use refillable cartridges by placing the original epson chips on the empty cartridges. Any chipless firmware would be BIG for the sublimation and digital arts community.
  3. Installed Firmware, Activated Key, chipless is working but the printer is printing blank pages. 100% sure it has nothing to do with the cartridges so it can only be either the firmware downgrade or the chipless software. How do I fix this? I paid the $60 for the key because I was able to do the firmware but now its useless!
  4. Hi! I just bought a Firmware Key to make a WorkForce 2750 Chipless. The problem is that while i was doing it, the printer says "NOT WRITTABLE" and just went off. After that, the Printer just got locked at RECOVERY MODE. i was able to reinstal the firmware, but it keep the same firmware vesion and still asks for cartridges. Then i tried the process once more, but now it says that the key was already used Other times i had no issues, just this one time. Hope you can Help Me My Order Number is # 260379
  5. New WIC Reset Utility has availability for some printer models to make them Chipless. What does it mean? Printer will show 100% ink level all time you use it. You can get out ink cartridges or just IC Chips and printer will print as usual. Once You change printers firmware to Chipless Firmware - the printer will not need to reset ink cartridges, printer will not need to use Auto Reset Chips or CISS Chips - no one type of ink cartridges chips will be required anymore! Supported models: WorkForce WF-7610/7611 WorkForce WF-7620/7621 WorkForce WF-7110/7111 WorkForce WF-2750/2751 WorkForce WF-2650/2651 WorkForce WF-3540/3541 WorkForce WF-3620/3621 WorkForce WF-3640/3641 WorkForce Pro WF-4630 Epson Workforce WF-5620 Epson Workforce WF-5110/5190 Epson Workforce WF-8010 SureColor SC-P400, SC-P407, SC-P408 PX-M5040F PX-M5041F PX-M741F PX-S840 XP-243, XP-245, XP-247 XP-330 XP-342, XP-345, XP-347 XP-600/601/605 What do You need to do that? 1. Latest WIC Version utility. 2. Printer, supported by WIC and with chipless firmware availibility. For example WF3620 - 3. Windows OS or MAC OS computers. Lets start. 1. Connect the printer by USB cable to your PC and run WIC utility. Disconnect all other printers from Your PC. 2. Click on Change Firmware Version button. 3. Put printer in Firmware Update Mode by folowing instructions for this printer model. After You put printer in Firmware Update Mode it will indicatede like MFP-IPL - please pay attention on it. 4. After that You have to open Firmware Versions with Disabled ink Cartridges drop list and select printer model you have connected. 5. Enter Firmware Key and press OK. 6. Wait untill confirmation message appear. 7. Switch OFF the printer and switch ON again. That's all. Now Your printer will not require any ink cartridges. Thus You can use Ink cartridges, Refillable Cartridges, CISS or other cartridges You want. Printer will never stop because of "ink finished" error or "not original inks" error. Download latest WIC Version here - http://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?products_id=1149 Buy Firmware Keys to make Printer Chipless - Buy Firmware Key Have questions? Please cantact us by Live Help or here in this thread.
  6. Hi, I recently bought the Chipless firmware key for the WF-6090 printer. Sucessfully installed and it was all good until the printer throwed the full maintenence box's error. I hard resetted the box but the message was never gone. I had to install the original firmware to get ride of the message but when installing back the chipless solution the counter is always going down for the box and there is no way to get it full even if I switch the box with a totally new one. I already installed twice the firmware. I bought two keys for this and still not able to use the printer properly. It's having this persistent error with the box. It's buggy... @John_Admin are you able to fix it? I really need my printer working with the chipless solution, I bought it because it was a supported model for chipless firmware. I already bought like 5 keys for the WF-5190 and no issues at all with that printer, I only have a huge thank you for your solutions.
  7. Im a Epson SC P807 owner and accidentally turn on the inspection mode, how do I turn it off??
  8. Hi, I am trying to make my epson wf 7710 chipless, I installed the update necessary (so the usb connection isn't faulty) yet when I run the license.exe, everything is blank and I can't select my printer to input my key. Usb connection is not disabled on my printer (saw that as a suggested solution on another forum post).
  9. My printer is now stuck in "inspection mode", and when I try to boot into "normal mode" I get 031006 fatal error. Cannot reflash the recovery firmware either so now I'm starting to get nervous my printer is totally bricked at two months old, with no way to return to factory settings. I saw someone else have this same problem on this message board, and I'm starting to think I should just get a chip re-setter for my next printer. Bricking my printer and having to buy a new printer AND another chipless key that might brick my printer again doesn't sound very fun.
  10. Hello, I own several Epson printers I wish to make chipless and I'm in the process of using the chipless firmware solution for the SC-P800 printer model. I have followed the instructions from the chipless manual page ( https://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?cPath=107&products_id=1849 ) and I am not sure if I'm able to purchase the activation key at this point. The firmware updater gets to 99 percent complete then a status failed appears (shown attached). I've tried two more times with the same result. I read on another help page that this may occur for newer Epson printers and continued on to see if the firmware updated using the Wic Rest Utility. Checking the firmware version from the check printer data option, it reads OR18HC 18/12/2017. Is it possible to purchase an activation key to make the SC-P800 chipless at this point? I very much appreciate the help and more than likely will need to purchase more activation keys in the future. Many thanks.
  11. Hi guys I have an Epson and I made it chip-less, but After an update during install drivers on computer my device says (install ink Supply unit correctly) and when I was want to use recovery key the licence program detect the printer but did not read it , I think it don't receive the Firmware because the when i update firmware the firmware version doesn't display on screen the version is 16.54 but the printer shows 16.56 i mean it's difference anyone can help? thanks?
  12. I bought key for XP 446 it all works happy to have this guy's do all the hard work for us so firstly thank you people But 3 days ago my motherboard died had it 8 years so it was worth it so going to install a new motherboard but remember that I got my printer installed in same motherboard that died so brought up the question what happens if like the title mentions I install the printer that's already chipless in another pc using the original software disc I don't plan to update never and have not done it either when it comes to update the printer using the manufacturer website When I first bought it in the store I made it chipless so again can I install the printer in another pc even thou I'm just going to change the motherboard I got the same hard drive If not can I use the code I was giving in case I updated the printer and messes up the firmware Thank you again for your answers
  13. after reading and following step by step the error at the activation is really bad... any help is welcome thanx
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