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Found 7 results

  1. Hello All. I downgraded my Epson XP-1500 firmware to chipless last year and have been refilling my oem carts since then with no problem. I have been diligent in making sure my carts never go completely empty as they will loose capacity to refill. Today I was printing several 13x19 prints with mostly black background when the printer suddenly stopped in the middle of a print and the status monitor said my black cart was empty. I switched the cart to a full one at which point it showed full and continued the print. I always fill my carts to 27 grams. I weighed the cart that was supposed to be empty and it weighed 16 grams. I refilled this cart to 27 grams and stored. I was surprised that this happened as I thought the ink was always supposed to show full when running chipless. Has anyone else come across this with the XP-15000. Thanks: Freewheelin
  2. Installed Firmware, Activated Key, chipless is working but the printer is printing blank pages. 100% sure it has nothing to do with the cartridges so it can only be either the firmware downgrade or the chipless software. How do I fix this? I paid the $60 for the key because I was able to do the firmware but now its useless!
  3. Hi all, RE:EPSON XP 15000 I am a newbee to thiS site and this is my 1st experience with chipless. If the new chipless firm wear is showing properly imbedded into printer, and I was able to see the printer turnoff and restart and ultimately the 'installation soft wear" stopped loading at 99%, and then two warnings came up at 99% indicating that the firm wear was NOT INSTALLED,. Can I buy the license?? best regrds to all
  4. My printer is now stuck in "inspection mode", and when I try to boot into "normal mode" I get 031006 fatal error. Cannot reflash the recovery firmware either so now I'm starting to get nervous my printer is totally bricked at two months old, with no way to return to factory settings. I saw someone else have this same problem on this message board, and I'm starting to think I should just get a chip re-setter for my next printer. Bricking my printer and having to buy a new printer AND another chipless key that might brick my printer again doesn't sound very fun.
  5. Epson 15000. At the middle of the updating, the utility said something like "firmware update confirmed" but at the end it said error, update did not complete and that I should retry. I did that with the same result. If it is actually updated per the message should I buy and try a chipless key? I don't want to do that if it can't work and I will have wasted my money. Printer screen now says "Cannot recognize ink cartridge". That was the problem at the beginning after the printer was updated by Epson.
  6. Hello! I ran the Epson license tool and followed the guide and everything seemed to work right but I'm getting a low ink warning. I haven't changed the cartridge as I just filled it.. Is there something I'm missing or did the update not take correctly?
  7. I own an Epson xp-15000. After having accidentally upgraded to new firmware, I I followed instructions to downgrade with the License utility, paid US $50, and got it going. After printing 2 pages, the printer stops, telling me, that the Maintenance Box is at the end of its' service life, and refuses to print. I'm quite upset, as someone is constantly demanding more money. Is it just coincidence? The printer is only one year old.
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