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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. What screen shot besides the one I put above are you needing? it goes through and just gives me that screen and my code is activated but the printer itself still shows ink levels. In the videos it shows that the ink levels are greyed out?
  2. I think I must of done something wrong. I thought that is what I sent you. I entered the activation key in the software I sent a picture on.
  3. Serial:X46R020396 ID Code: hWKSxNc1k+qEoI3saEngkJ7LXNF0AG9Rptvms0kV6VJu+cFI/rQxA2DOBA19KgzeYmr1nGXM /nasQH2L+bXYLqmoEbYGMf/SGHkX2lawozrbk04aik1SY6EFFJKr7p16DHIBVOFF6aAb/eKr t0Ps9mbbIoYvWoIw6uT8Zc0ffGM=
  4. Hello! I ran the Epson license tool and followed the guide and everything seemed to work right but I'm getting a low ink warning. I haven't changed the cartridge as I just filled it.. Is there something I'm missing or did the update not take correctly?
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