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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware

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Found 4 results

  1. Recently i do a reset for maintenance box (T6716) and it's work. But i do several time for cleaning head and when i make a charge ink for my printer the waste ink overflowed and maintenance box go to end service life too. I make a reset for maintenance box again. but when i put it inside the printer i got this message. " cannot recognize the maintenance box ". screen shot Is there any modded firmware that not read the maintenance box? if i install the modded firmware from this site then will my printer will not read the maintenance box? https://www.chiplesssolutions.com/download/chipless/WFC5210_FWG242TL_CS26I9_CS99Z9.zip I did that for my old printer WF-5110 via WIC reset. But WIC reset not has a modded firmware for WF-C5210.
  2. Hello, a while ago I bought an epson WF-6090. I have read the various posts about the WIC utility and I have some questions before purchasing the key. Once the maintenance box comes to an end (with chipless firmware) is it necessary to purchase two keys? One key for firmware downgrade (for maintenance box chip reset/change) and another key for chipless firmware? I look forward to your responses, greetings!
  3. I own an Epson xp-15000. After having accidentally upgraded to new firmware, I I followed instructions to downgrade with the License utility, paid US $50, and got it going. After printing 2 pages, the printer stops, telling me, that the Maintenance Box is at the end of its' service life, and refuses to print. I'm quite upset, as someone is constantly demanding more money. Is it just coincidence? The printer is only one year old.
  4. I have a chipless WF-C5790. I have a question, regarding the chipless firmware solution. 1) My printer has a problem, does no recognize the Maintenance Box 2) Does your firmware, bought from your official page, hacks the maintenance box (with this, I mean: does it makes the printer work and effectively print without the need to have a maintenance box installed? Because my printer it's not recognizing the Maintenance Box, either I install a new one, or a used one but with resetted chip. If your chipless firmware (I see there's a new version) hacks the need to have a maintenance box installed, or to be recognized, this will fix my problem and I will buy it. Please admin or wic support, if you would be so kind to help me, a friend that bought you chipless for WF-C5290, tested that if he removes the maintenance box, the printer still works. I need this for C5790 @wic.support @John_Admin
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