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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware

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Found 7 results

  1. I have an Epson C5790 printer that I tried to chipless, but when I installed the firmware with the printer turned on normally, before it finished it gave an error and turned off. Now the printer is left with a black screen that says in white letters "program upgrade/recovery mode MAIN". I have tried to put the original firmware downloaded from the official Epson website, I tried to corrupt the firmware by disconnecting the printer before the end of the installation so that after meje put the new firmware, I tried to put the original firmware and the chipless and always finishes the installation but when I turn on the printer always remains with the message "program upgrade/recovery mode MAIN".
  2. after updating the firmware to CV99Z9 an error appeared ____________ "Scanner Error" An error occured while scanning. Turn the power off and on again. If the error persists, contact Epson Support 100016 __________ i returned my printer to the store that ive brought since it was brandnew, they changed the scanner unit and the main mainboard. i got my printer and updated the firmware and the error appeared again after succesfully changed the firmware to CV14I9 but when i flushed back to original firmware the error is gone original firmware is 17.64.CV09L3 already purchased key last july 2021 Order ID : 22586459
  3. I have a chipless WF-C5790. I have a question, regarding the chipless firmware solution. 1) My printer has a problem, does no recognize the Maintenance Box 2) Does your firmware, bought from your official page, hacks the maintenance box (with this, I mean: does it makes the printer work and effectively print without the need to have a maintenance box installed? Because my printer it's not recognizing the Maintenance Box, either I install a new one, or a used one but with resetted chip. If your chipless firmware (I see there's a new version) hacks the need to have a maintenance box installed, or to be recognized, this will fix my problem and I will buy it. Please admin or wic support, if you would be so kind to help me, a friend that bought you chipless for WF-C5290, tested that if he removes the maintenance box, the printer still works. I need this for C5790 @wic.support @John_Admin
  4. Hello John one of my c5790 machines did a auto firmware update (16.62.CV20J9) and its not downgradeable. İ tried to put your firmware ( CV14I9 ) many times but its not working. Printer doesnt accept your firmware anymore. İ bought many licences from you and i know how to do it. Also tried in regular mode. Firmware upgrade is not allowed in regular mode. Pic. shows after finishing of CV14I9 firmware upgrade at program update mode. Do you have any solution for this new firmware??
  5. I bought the wrong key. i bought wf c5790, it should be wf c5290. can it be exchanged?
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