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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I would like to buy the chipless solution for the C5790 Epson printer. I downloaded the firmware from the chiplessolutions.com page, and updated using the Program Update Mode, then got error code 060008 because it must be updates using normal mode. The problem is, that when I updated the printer in Program Update Mode, when it finished updating, the screen said: version CV14I9, not CV99Z9 as the RAR file says in the new firmware. Is this ok? If I apply the activation license key will it work? I would very much like to know, if you would be so kind, the difference between these two versions, what is fixed in one another. In normal mode, the CV99Z9 firmware downloaded from the page, when finished uploading the new firmware says "Transfer complete" then "Version confirmed", but won't get to 100%, and finish properly, as before, now it says after 10 minutes, a message error, that firmware might no have been updated. The printer says in firmware version: "CV14I9". I would like to buy your codes, instead of the chinese one from WinnerJet Donnguan, to try it. Thank you so much, John
  2. Hello John one of my c5790 machines did a auto firmware update (16.62.CV20J9) and its not downgradeable. İ tried to put your firmware ( CV14I9 ) many times but its not working. Printer doesnt accept your firmware anymore. İ bought many licences from you and i know how to do it. Also tried in regular mode. Firmware upgrade is not allowed in regular mode. Pic. shows after finishing of CV14I9 firmware upgrade at program update mode. Do you have any solution for this new firmware??
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