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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware

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Found 3 results

  1. Got to this point again. And could go no further clicked on finish and was kicked out to beginning again . XP 15000 EPFWUPD.EXE 3636 kB. Using windows lap top version 1903 . Unplugged printer for 15 minutes, have usb cable hooked up , WiFi active. Cat 6 cable to router.
  2. I tried to recover one license in an XP-431 but the program show message Reading Failed - 1 I tried to re upload the firmware in IPL and in normal mode and still showing the same message. Are you going to upgrade the firmware for this printer? Best regards
  3. Hello John one of my c5790 machines did a auto firmware update (16.62.CV20J9) and its not downgradeable. İ tried to put your firmware ( CV14I9 ) many times but its not working. Printer doesnt accept your firmware anymore. İ bought many licences from you and i know how to do it. Also tried in regular mode. Firmware upgrade is not allowed in regular mode. Pic. shows after finishing of CV14I9 firmware upgrade at program update mode. Do you have any solution for this new firmware??
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