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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. "i have other problem in this wf-c5710........ the problem is sometimes cutting the printing on text and sometimes double printing on same text " Hello John i have the same problem too . Reinstalling driver isnt solving it. i tried all drivers , universal, postscript also different models drivers. none of them working Because its not about the driver. its about the chipless firmware. With original firmware in standart speed mode its working fine. But when we change the firmware to chipless in standart speed mode it writes double time on same text. if you change the speed mode to high quality it stops. but this time its too slow maybe 5 pages a minute, everybody complaining about it. When you make speed fastest the doubling stops but this time colors and blacks are very very faded nobody accept this colors. i think you are changing a small wrong part at the firmware. İhope you solve it because its directly affecting our business. we had to change machines with wf-6590 and there is no chipless solution for them
  2. Hello John one of my c5790 machines did a auto firmware update (16.62.CV20J9) and its not downgradeable. İ tried to put your firmware ( CV14I9 ) many times but its not working. Printer doesnt accept your firmware anymore. İ bought many licences from you and i know how to do it. Also tried in regular mode. Firmware upgrade is not allowed in regular mode. Pic. shows after finishing of CV14I9 firmware upgrade at program update mode. Do you have any solution for this new firmware??
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