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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. solved, if the firmware was already installed. Thank you very much for your help.
  2. I have tried, turned the printer off, turned it back on, closed the chipless firmware installer, when I go to view the wic reset firmware version it freezes when I click on the report button. When I try to activate, the activation tool also freezes. In the setup menu, firmware update, firmware version says CT14I9, it looks correct, but I can't activate, the tool freezes.
  3. I have another printer with exactly the same problem, I already made the recommendation, install the latest official firmware and after that already allows me to install the firmware chipless, but now when the printer restarts and the installer reaches 75% there it stays, it does not advance, I tried twice and I have left for more than an hour, it does not advance, it stays at 75%, if I cancel the installation and try to activate, the activator freezes and does not respond. the official firmware that I put in the printer is FW_CT17N2 from this version I am trying to put the chipless firmware.
  4. I have an Epson C5790 printer that I tried to chipless, but when I installed the firmware with the printer turned on normally, before it finished it gave an error and turned off. Now the printer is left with a black screen that says in white letters "program upgrade/recovery mode MAIN". I have tried to put the original firmware downloaded from the official Epson website, I tried to corrupt the firmware by disconnecting the printer before the end of the installation so that after meje put the new firmware, I tried to put the original firmware and the chipless and always finishes the installation but when I turn on the printer always remains with the message "program upgrade/recovery mode MAIN".
  5. I have tried several times to install the firmware in the C5290 printer, I have downloaded several versions all of them when I start the firmware installer with the printer turned on in normal mode, the printer does not come out available in the installer so I can not continue with the installation. When I put the printer in service mode, I do get the printer to continue with the installation. I install the firmware in update mode and everything goes fine, but when I run the tool to activate it freezes. And the printer has an error code 06008.
  6. Hello good day, I'm I want to make my chipless printer. In the list of supported printers is not my model, but looking at the forum, I have seen that there are users who have made chipless in the same model WF-6090. Alguien me puede decir de donde d Can anyone give me a link to download the firmware for the Epson Workforce Pro WF-6090DW printer? and encela to buy the activation key.
  7. I am also interested in the chipless epson for xp 231 241 441. If you have it, please tell me where I can buy it.
  8. I am also interested in the chipless epson for xp 231 241 441. If you have it, please tell me where I can buy it?
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