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  1. Ink device error. Ink cartridge failure. Holder board assy failure (CSIC or contact failure). Cable or FFC disconnection.Main board failure.
  2. John_Admin

    Canon reset

    1. Sorry we dont know such printer model. 2. Free Trial key doesnt exist for Canon
  3. Please contact person to whom you have paid. Call him.
  4. You have to work on printer. When waste ink counters will overflow - You have to reset them.
  5. Please contact us by email or PM
  6. Activation Key has been sent to your PM - please check and reply
  7. Guest Juan carlos, what is there problem???
  8. Guest Peter, please check your email pkroezen@gmail.com Guest yoshikawa, check your email
  9. Please give us Your Order number
  10. For CX6900 You have to use this software - https://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?products_id=1083
  11. fmartins What is your Order number? What is your email address which you have used when placed the order?
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