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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. When have you paid? Please send us payment copy. We'll check your payment and give you your ordered Key manualy. We have checked all orders and we have NO orders placed with your email address - cwoldham1@aol.co.uk If You made order with other email address - please give us that address and we'll find your order. Be sure You have ordered Keys from our sites: www.2manuals.com www.wic.support www.payproglobal.com If You purchased Key at other site - please contact that site directly
  2. https://www.chiplesssolutions.com/download/chipless/WFC5290_FWG241TL_CT04M8_CT99Z9.zip
  3. what email you have used plain the order?
  4. What is your current firmware version in your printer now? Give screenshot from WIC utility
  5. You have the same order number?
  6. Here is updated firmware - https://www.chiplesssolutions.com/download/FWG241TL_CT04M8_wfc5290.7z
  7. what is your Order number?
  8. Follow Step by Step Guide to make printer chipless - http://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?cPath=107&products_id=1924
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