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  1. What firmware version have You uploaded to your Printer??? Have You disabled automatic firmware updates from internet?? Maybe Your printer had updated from epson again?
  2. John_Admin

    No ink

    Remove printer drivers. Then install up to date printer drivers. Clean printhead
  3. we need to buy the activation key only once or need to buy again when it expired

  4. Download new updated firmware - FWF469TL_CL30J5_WF3720.zip
  5. Activation Keys have 1-2 months expiration date After that - keys are removed from database
  6. After keys expired - they are removed from database automatically
  7. John_Admin

    Recovery Code

    Disable Automatic Updates first!!! If for some reason you need to recover chipless firmware - just upload firmware in regular mode and activate by your key once more time.
  8. we have sent you another key try it
  9. If You have problem on MAC with Catalina - WIC can not be launched - follow this guide to allow using applications downloaded NOT from AppStore: 1. Open Finder - > Applications - > Terminal 2. Enter this command in black terminal window: sudo spctl --master-disable 3. Password will be required - input your password and press Return (Enter) button. That's all. Now run WIC utility
  10. Try once more time It will work
  11. All suppoted models you can check here - https://chiplesssolutions.com/support.shtml
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