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  1. Connect to printer external ink tank for waste inks https://resetters.com/Nabor-Stok-printerov-epson-wfc5210-wfc5290-wfc5710-wfc5790-vyvoda-sliva-otrabotannyh-chernil-p-3336.html
  2. This is right firmware version - now run License.exe utility and use your Activation Key
  3. i have tried the newest update 3 times and it is still failing. please give us screenshots of what happens? Also be sure you have downloaded updated firmware for 15000 - https://chiplesssolutions.com/download/chipless/XP15000_FWG150TL_NW07K7_NW99Z9.zip And it has to be flashed to printer in NORMAL MODE Follow Step by Step Tutorial to make your printer chipless - http://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?cPath=107&products_id=1857
  4. Firmware version is right Update License application - Download License.exe utility - Password - 12345 Unzip archive to the folder and run License - then use activation key
  5. What is your current firmware version now in Your printer?
  6. 1. Update License application - Download License.exe utility - Password - 12345 2. What is your current firmware version now in Your printer?
  7. When you are trying to read platen counter what value it shows? Also what status is shown in WICReset?
  8. key has been sent to your email. E-mail alisa@littlecanvas.com.a
  9. Reset chip on maintenance cartridge by chip resetter or replace chip on maintenance cartridge by new
  10. i can't reset ink overflow error Doesn't exist software to reset ink cartridges levels Adjustment program is for making printers adjustments and maintenance Where did you get that??
  11. B8FXB-92HFY-K7VK9-PWB62-94R76: Date of use: 2020/9/7 IP address: Port: 51351 Printer model: XP235 Printer serial number: W2GK034955 Mac address: 44:D2:44:A7:8D:22 So you have already used this key on one printer You can't use it on other printer
  12. what error exactly do you want to reset???
  13. Chipless firmware for 7211 is already developed Just upload it to your printer
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