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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. Please contact Person You have Paid by Mesa directly!Please give us your contact Person You have paid byMpesa directly!!
  2. Please Reboot Your PC and restart Your printer. Be sure printer is connected to PC by USB cable directly - not through USB HUB. yourPc and restart printer
  3. Please give us screenshots to understand Your problem better
  4. please give us screenshot be sure that you have uplo
  5. Hello Everyone,

    I am experiencing a problem with the CU24M3 firmware version that I downloaded from your website for my Epson WF-C5710 printer. After installation, it shows a black screen with Recovery mode.

    I attempted to install the original firmware from Epson, but after the process completed, it seems that the CU24M3 version is still installed.

    Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

  6. Hello, John. I think it's too difficult to buy a SC-P800 firmware activation key, but always verify it, add me Wechat a1532236052 I can transfer money directly to you. 

  7. 你好约翰我想买SC-P800固件激活密钥太难了,总是验证不过,加我微信a1532236052我可以直接给你转账。在我们这边需要刷机的人太多了。

  8. 你好约翰我想买SC-P800固件激活密钥太难了,总是验证不过,加我微信a1532236052我可以直接给你转账。在我们这边需要刷机的人太多了。

  9. John, 

    Please check your PM from me



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