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  1. Hello!  My name is pablo Alvarez

    i want to be a reseller in Argentina. Already have a representative in our country? If not, how would the process be?



  2. soory brother i have my epson L382 had a problem in print out,the paper has an blue line when its in print process,

    what can i do

  3. Sorry we had problem with our server few hors ago.Now it is fixed and all processes work correctly.Please you can try now to use Your Activation Key.Thank You.
  4. Disassemble the printer and check all paper feed sensors - maybe some oth them is broken or dirty
  5. Hi, We are interested in becoming a reseller of the Epson chip less firmware. U.S.

    Thank you


  6. Key has been used on one printer. It can not be used second time. Different printer motherboard - means diffrent printer
  7. Yes we have renewed it - try now
  8. Do you have original Epson chip installed on maintenance cartridge? or compatible?
  9. New Activation Key has been sent to your PM - please check it
  10. Reply has been sent to your PM - please check it
  11. You have already used Your Activation Key. Here is detail info: Used date - March 20 IP addres: Port: 42689 Model: XP-240/241 Serial: X5WH022520
  12. Why You dont want to read manual? https://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?cPath=107&products_id=1861
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