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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. Hi, I just purchased my activation code for my epson xp15000 when I use the code I get this error how do I fix this thank you. image.png.d35f0260eb8dffc68ca15e11249589a3.png

  2. We have sent replacement keys for your last 3 orders. Please check PM
  3. Already sent to your email please check
  4. As I told you above - it is HARDWARE problem. So it can not be fixed by software. Broken belt can not be fixed by software
  5. what is your Order number?
  6. This errors means printer can not move carriage properly - maybe something interferes with the free movement of the carriage - something broke off or got inside, or you need to lubricate the guides along which the carriage moves Anyway - its hardware issue
  7. Try to use other internetFor example. - mobile internet
  8. Regarding Your Activation Key that ends on 28RMV: Order #24726464 Order date - April 12, 2022 Key has been used on : April 20, 2022 IP address: Port: 49802 Country: Brasil Printer type: XP240 Printer Serial Number: X2CW071815 Mac address: 9C:AE:D3:5C:34:0E So please check this key in your management Check printer serial number Manage Your keys more carefully We have logs of each used key. If You have any questions regarding other keys - we can give you this information.
  9. We have updated WF-5790 firmware - https://www.chiplesssolutions.com/download/chipless/WFM5799_FWG240TL_CR29LA_CR99Z9.zip
  10. In 2022 You have purchased more then 200 keys from our site - you had NO problem! The key that you have problem - it has been used by Your customer successfully and we have placed detail reply in other thread - please read it and manage your keys more carefully in future!
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