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  1. If You can't make firmware downgrade by WIC utility - it means Your printer has newest Main board version.Epson made some changed in new main board. The solution in this case is here:Use Activation Keys and License.exe application for WF3720 - http://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?cPath=107&products_id=1850 You can pay now difference in Firmware and Activation Key cost only - $50 - $20 = $30 Link for payment - https://store.payproglobal.com/checkout?products[1][id]=47590
  2. I just see what I see in your order You put that address. Not I did. http://prntscr.com/rpcn9l
  3. https://chiplesssolutions.com/download.shtml download License here
  4. Your order has been sent to email you have provided when placed the order Check your email - E-mail gio.rambo_87@hotmail.com
  5. We havre no one order made with email - grambaldini@gmail.com give us your order number
  6. Download this firmware - http://chiplesssolutions.com/download/XP240_FWF732TL_ZZ99Z9_2019.zip Upload firmware to printer in normal mode - dont put printer in Program Update mode. The uploading process will stuck at 70-80% - it is ok! Open task manager and stop updater process. Printer will blink for about 5-15 minutes - then will power OFF. Now power on the printer - chipless firmware is installed now in your printer! Use License and Activation Key
  7. Upload firmware in normal mode dont put printer in Firmware mode then use your key
  8. sent but goldiliious375@gmail.com INVALID_ADDRESS, ERROR_CODE :550, ERROR_CODE : 5.1.1 The email account that you tried to reach does not exist.
  9. FA20I4 is right version So you have already uploaded to printer Now you have to run License utility and use your Activation Key. You can find all your orders and keys in your 2manuals account
  10. estimated date of finishing chipless firmware developing is - march-april 2020
  11. What is your current firmware version now?
  12. Aftter updater stopd at 99% - please shut down updater and run License.exe utility and use your Activation Key
  13. John_Admin

    Conflicting prices

    Different products - different prices
  14. Yes Printer must be connected to PC You can't use License.exe utility if printer is not connected to PC
  15. How can you upload firmware from PC to printer with your PC OFF?
  16. Please follow Step by Step Guide - http://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?cPath=107&products_id=1945
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