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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. Upload firmware in NORMAL MODE - dont put printer in Program Update Mode!
  2. https://prnt.sc/yBqNHD-m8BdE is it your email?
  3. Last your login to 2manuals.com site was in 2011
  4. Give us screenshot of payment receipt where we can see whom have you paid Today we have no payments $35
  5. At what site did you ordered and paid?
  6. Give us Your Order number or payment copy
  7. You had working printer with the same firmware version when it started to print bad quality. So it is hardware problem Not Firmware Firmware version has not been changed I offer you to contact printer developer - Epson - to solve the problem
  8. Chipless firmware just disables ink chips Regarding DTF printers firmware - please contact DTF printer developer.
  9. Please send us payment copy. We'll check your payment and give you your ordered Key manualy. We have checked all orders and we have NO orders placed with your email address - dennisarias03@gmail.com If You made order with other email address - please give us that address and we'll find your order. Be sure You have ordered Keys from our sites: www.2manuals.com www.wic.support www.payproglobal.com If You purchased Key at other site - please contact that site directly
  10. Run License.exe utility, select your printer and clock on Activate Online button
  11. give us screenshots
  12. Use 6090 Adjustment Program EURO version Make Initialization
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