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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. @shane I'm not from the printer reset's team but: There is no way to measure the tank ink level, it uses a chip to get an approximated ink level value and not using chips is the purpose of the chipless firmware. Normally the chip values changes with usage and once it's "filled" it gets the chip and the printer useless until you change the box with a new chip. You just need to monitor the ink level on the boxes every 7000 prints, not a big deal.
  2. Ok, this was not a firmware issue, this was a problem with these sensors. Even if it seems to be fine when disconnected them started working again. Que Kamikazes!!! no pueden cobrarte eso! Desenchufa los sensores y al carajo. Tenes que abrir la tapa izquierda de la impresora (mirando desde el frente) y desenchufar los cuatro sensores. Son los que tienen cable rojo-blanco-negro, tenes 4 terminales, uno de plastico rojo, otro de plastico amarillo, otro negro y otro blanco. Te los marqué en amarillo en la foto que subo. Una vez desenchufados prendes la máquina y sale andando lo más bien, chipless y a prueba de agua ajjaja
  3. Hi, please consider sharing the information about this issue. I'm also having the same problem and I'm 100% confident that nothing leaked in the printer, no traces of humidity or ink inside of the printer. Will try to switch to original firmware to check if this is a firmware issue.
  4. Hi, first thing: thanks for the work on the WIC solutions, I'm a really satisfied customer. This time I have a technical question: I'm from Argentina and the printer model available here consumes different models of cartridges/maintenance boxes, small variations on the code number but makes them totally incompatible with the ones you can find in Europe or USA. Is it possible to change something to make them work as a European or USA one in order to require the cartridges from that part of the world? My idea would be change the WF-C5290 to a WF-C5290dw for instance. Thanks for your help!
  5. @wic.support I'm soft developer, I have 15 years of experience in this let me explain exactly the relevant information: Once the ChiplesFirmware is installed, cartridges are properly hacked. With ChiplessFirmware the maintenence box continues decreasing, It would not be a problem since I have the hard reset for that. With ChiplessFirmware once the box is full of waste, it gives you the error message and blocks the printer until you change the box (standard behavior). Even you change the box or restart the printer without box installed it still request for a new box, It doesn't even detect that there is no box at all. Once you switch back to original firmware, the box is recognized and showing the proper level for it, also detecting whenever you don't have a box in it. When you apply the ChiplessFirmware again it starts behaving the same. The "box counter" when you install the ChiplessFirmware keeps the same as before installing the Chipless firmware, if it's restarted with the original firmware it will be kept restarted but continues decreasing the counter. My impression is that chip reader is disabled, the internal counter works as always and because of the chip reader is disabled it's not detecting whatever the tank's chip has stored not allowing you change or reset the maintenance tank information on the printer. Solutions could be: restore the chip reader for the tank or make the counter not decreasing as it's on the WF-5190 Chipless solution. I will need to install a new chipless firmware for other printer, can I get back the extra key I used for this so I can install the chipless Firmware in the new machine I have? Thanks!
  6. Hi @wic.support I already did it and the box was recognized well by the original Firmware. But as soon I apply the chipless firmware it doesn't recognize the changes on the box until it's full and once it throws the full box error message there is no way to unlock the printer. Only running on service mode and reinstalling the original firmware. It's like the printer is not reading the box's chip at all and somehow the counter is internally running. The main issue is that for doing that I already throw one key (20 bucks) and also if I have to do it again the ink cartridges will throw the empty cartridges error, forcing me to buy on set of cartridges (a bunch of bucks).
  7. Hi, I recently bought the Chipless firmware key for the WF-6090 printer. Sucessfully installed and it was all good until the printer throwed the full maintenence box's error. I hard resetted the box but the message was never gone. I had to install the original firmware to get ride of the message but when installing back the chipless solution the counter is always going down for the box and there is no way to get it full even if I switch the box with a totally new one. I already installed twice the firmware. I bought two keys for this and still not able to use the printer properly. It's having this persistent error with the box. It's buggy... @John_Admin are you able to fix it? I really need my printer working with the chipless solution, I bought it because it was a supported model for chipless firmware. I already bought like 5 keys for the WF-5190 and no issues at all with that printer, I only have a huge thank you for your solutions.
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