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  1. I don´t think so... the CISS was already installed during the unlock process. The carriage was moving normally when I did the firmware update. As soon I rebooted the printer - to test, after insert the unlock code - it restarter that way. I have a question, If I try to update firmware again, could I lose the unlock? Thanks.
  2. Hi, Guys, I have the same problem. Please, take a look on attachments. That happened after send the Activation Code. Printer? General Error as soon as the power button is pressed. I always copy the information after the unlock process. I dont know if it is important, but follow... ***ID Code: noQt6AxoIU7QM3rdPt0+T3C6uJehOaOpuDugBGh8KwKEBbkjAx9UANRzWnzLRMX2Tnw5xiYq UoV9FuO8h6JLtk2aRfibQCvsB/AKbLWPdlICkbDmmHl//zwPjiVOzobs4SyE3FLN1GFfSvIp 4h8KoXstrLr+NtB643QKlLT88xA= Sa6+IpCew0+qb0MJUpcRyvOp04QDAAAAJgAAAOqXEk3A/Uko79H+Rx24XyeHurhJAAAAAOQA AAB4AAAATwAAAO9wF99nkLNngFEuAAAAAAAAAAAARZ0URZ0URZ0URZ0UAgIAAK6n2voQ9TcN zaGbBQAAAAAAAAAAdOwZA2AAAAA=` *** Thanks in advance!
  3. My apologize. I was right that it woldn´t been used yet. Thaks.
  4. Follow 2 attachments. A Wic Reset Report and the Error Message. I´ve tried: - removed all printers and Epson programs; - reinstalled drivers from Epson.com - reseted the wifi connection (on printer), - tested in 2 different notebooks.
  5. I´m facing the same problem today. I have adquired 5 licences recently, used 4, but in the last one, I receive a connection error message, asking to verify usb port, firewall and internet connection. But its all ok.
  6. I have a XP241, I have adquired the unlock lincences, but it doen´t works. When I try to Activate Online, I receive a connection error, to verify usb port, firewall and internet connection. But its all ok. The firmware was already updated to the version MF07I3. I have tried first using the printer in setup mode, so I have found an answer regarding XP241, where you indicate to do it on normal mode, but it doesn´t works anyway. I have deleted all of other printers from my computer, including the XP241 drivers and reinstalled the 241 drivers. Tried to send the MF07I3 firmware by normal mode and config mode, changed the usb port, changed the usb cable...
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