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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. I followed the instructions presented on page:
    where is said: "Buy Activation Key after You have successfully uploaded Firmware to Your printer!".

    Apart that, the link to access to manual and Licence Utility is broken:

    So. let me know where can I find the License Utility for XP-452. I have already bought the Activation Key.

  2. I have a Epson xp-452 with MM1108 Epson version firmware and try to install this chipless firmware from:
    Put the printer in Update Program Mode and then update the firmware.
    The printer receives the firmware and shows progress 0/100 to 100/100
    Compares, Erase and Writes ROM data.
    At final shows:
    Checsum B0BD
    ROM Ver. 20.08.MM1018
    Checksum2 B6D2
    Rom Ver2. MM1018
    In computer all is correct and shows finalized too.

    I turn off the printer and when turn on it again and see the same Epson firmware with no update. Nothing changed-

    What can I do to indeed update your firmware to the printer?

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