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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. gud morning sir... i have a problem with updating my firmware... i bought my printer xp352 already in RJ1018 firmware as detected by WIC... itried to update to the chipless downloaded firmware... but 10x or more i tried only 99percent and updated unsuccessful.... is there something i could do to be successful in updating? or My printers firmware is Ok to be activated without using ur firmware.... my printer is currently RJ1081 version... then in your step by step instructions it needed to be RJ1018 which is the same.. im a little bit confuse since it dont update successfully


  2. and one more thing before i pay for activation... i have some concern .... i am using CISS chip and ink status Black CYAN YELLOW are all 100 percent... while magenta keep asking

    for ink cartridge replacement... although i manage to make the printer stop asking for cartridge replacement... but the ink status says 1% on MAGENTA.. now my question is

    thus it affects the operation when i activate for chipless? thanks again and my apologies for a series of question... my first time here... thanks for this...

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