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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware
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WF-C5790 Firmware Update

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Hello everyone!

**I want to state first the firmware and activation code I used with my printer was sent from https://inkchip.net/**

Long story short, I bought 8 printers in USA but I sent them to Honduras wich is in Latin America, I bought ink locally wich is not compatible with my printer, I could not returned them based on the time I bought them wich was around 2 months ago, so I bought an activation code to make my printer chipless from https://inkchip.net/, wich was updated in the next way:

1. I could not update the printer via Normal mode which is when printer can print normally.

2. I turned on the printer in Service Mode, but still the printer will not update the firmware and could not use the activation code.

3. I turned on the printer into Service Mode and while it was trying to update, I disconnected the printer and once on again, and it was in recovery mode.

5. I was able to update the firmware they sent and also activate the printer with the code they sent.

Here comes the nightmare, after updating the firmware, Printer will no longer show Ink error and accept the cartridges I bought locally, but I'm not able to use ethernet connection. I tried anything on my technical knowledge to make the printer get network, but it will just not give me an IP, even my switch does not recognizes the port, WiFi works just fine but based on internal policies of my company everything needs to run over RJ45. I contacted the provider and they helped me with some steps, even provided an older version of the firmware with no luck, since the printer shows error code 100016 where it does not detects the scanner.

Attached is the serial number of my printer and model description, perhaps this model I have is not fully compatible with the firmware they sent, and their response is usually slow since they are in Europe, I've been already dealing with this issue since the last week without any luck.

I want to mention also that this is the second printer I used the firmware they sent, first printer had the same problem and at the end we decided to use a print server via USB to RJ45 interface.

EPSON WF-C5790, MODEL C641A, SERIAL NO. X3B6009521







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Hello I have the same issue, somebody found a solution?

This downgrade made my printer unusable. I'm in an area without wifi, and now the equipment only works via WIFI

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