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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. converted epson tx121 to epson t13 by adjustment prg then tried to make it chipless with the wic utility printer process converted it epson sx125 but not chipless is there diff between both srom's t13 and tx121 or the wic utility can do it chipless and convert the printer to l200 by adjustment programe...help..
  2. sure jerry i can help u but i need epson tx121 chipless procedure..............if u have any idea
  3. john is the man just check the link he has added for t13..hurrray good work thank u
  4. Appreciate ur help john, Ok but works for T13 only what about Tx121 and other models like L800 and L200.
  5. welcome all to discuss the chipless procedure for T13 > L100, TX121 > L200 ,T50 > L800
  6. tank u bro but this process u tell is not working as there is not such button make chipless t13 after connecting the printer and selecting it so kindly detail me what exactly it is thank u
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