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  1. John, I was able to run the upgrade tool, it went trough, it downloaded the firmware and once done the lights started blinking then I shut it down just like your instructions, but I see no changes, still has the firmware it had before, the firmware that does not detect CIS or rechargable cartdriges. My printer is an XP 211 OD13D2 serial s69k107371 Does your program actually downgrade Frimware?? I know that OD13D2 DOES NOT detect CISS that's why we need to downgrade to another older firmware. Because it doesnt seem like it did anything. And of course I can't tray again because its telling me the code has been used.
  2. I just got the code today, I have the printer connected trough USB cable. I have the ink,paper, and power button flasing. The printer is detected. Yet the program cannot downgrade it. See attachment.
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