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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware

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  1. Hello, I have placed an order at 17:30 today (french time) my email is :madebazouges@gmail.com the price was 9$ I think and it was an adjustment program for my R3000 epson (one key). I have received a welcome email saying If You have not got email message with Reset Key (or download link for service manual) in 10 minutes - please check your junk and spam folders, some time our customers find Reset Keys message in spam folders. but I didn't receive any email on the madebazouges@gmail.com adress. Maybe it was sent to my paypal account email adress (a different one), in which case I have a problem because it has been hacked 1 year ago so I don't have access to it anymore. Can you send me my key on the adress I gave you and not the default paypal adress ? Thank you.
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