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  1. I have try to make chiples a printer epson WF-2630 and i upgrade the firmware WF2630_FWE728TL_LF26I1 with the one provede in your web page and then i open the License software to make the online activation and when i try to make chiples it says: comunication failed i have try 3 chipless keys today and im afraid to keep trylling with my keys i have buy more than 60 pices and i haveВґt this problem since now please help me with this i can send you the 3 keys if you need them to check them out they fishis whit this numbers: MXFJ3 KFCCR 9K999 and they are buy with my email addres noag@hotmail.com please help me to know where can i comunicate to solve this problem and one more thing its there a way to check the keys to has been used something like the WIC reset how has a place to check the key o several keys?
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