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  1. I did all the other steps correct. And I get this error message when I try and activate online with the activation code.
  2. Serial:UN4Y007453 ID Code: MIlCZ3a7mNcBJd4Rqb6kLzwWn+HVlQuMq/bK2VFcG03jlUGDfTWEPnWle80xV/4Sljqo8XBA ICJebXXKDZo2Ft1dKSXX+ShRRZ44fS9InKk6skImMYa1U6QINnQtV19uuzfFKw+rPK9pZtA/ U2AVq+RvocuqwDSB+DBxELkd9m8= Comunication failed
  3. How do I upload the pic.
  4. I received one email that says here is your activation key, then it is 25 characters with 4 hyphens xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx
  5. I bought the key opened the email got my key ran software. Entered my key and keep getting same message that my key isn't valid.
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