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  1. Maybe I was too late by just doing my test today, but I had no success using telnet on my machine as well as on my mobile using 2 different ISPs (normal fiber + mobile phone company via 4G). No firewalls were active for the test and I also tried it additionally via a VPN provider to ensure no ISP filtering happens. C:\>telnet 63429 Connecting To not open connection to the host, on port 63429: Connect failed Looking at my TCP viewer I can clearly see that a SYN package was sent, but nothing is coming back (SYN/ACK is missing) as the 2nd step for a TCP handshake. In all cases I simply get a connection timeout, which makes me feel that might be an issue with the remote server not wanting to talk to me rather than a problem on my end.
  2. Hi John, The firmware update went through as expected, but I just ran into that communication error as well (despite of disabling the firewall on my end and testing 2 different USB ports). Just in case it matters, I have a Epson WF PRO 4720 and used the firmware from https://chiplesssolutions.com/download/WF4730_FWF475TL_CM23I5.zip for my update. My order number is #15964616. Are your servers ok or is there perhaps an alternative approach to activate based on the ID code?
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