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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. Thank you for commenting on my article. The only model that has a demo is the C5710, so I post a picture of the nozzle inspection page working with different firmware. Printed using the same ink and paper. For reference, the firmware is being used by purchasing from Tintec (http://www.tintecshop.com). You cannot get any support from Tintek.
  2. Hi. I have a rental business in Korea. Thanks to our chipless solution, we are renting Epson printers and multifunction devices. Thank you. The reason for posting on the bulletin board is that some users have complained to write. Is there a difference in color by printer model? When I test printing using the same paper and ink, the C5710 has become darker after the latest firmware update, but the C5790, C5290, and C5210 are still faded. Epson genuine firmware all prints in the same color, but other models except for the C5710, the color is blurred and users complain. When can it be improved?
  3. Hi. Admin WF-C5790 I would like to purchase a lot of chipless firmware. If it works well, you may be able to purchase more than 100 per month. Please give me a good price. Please reply by e-mail.
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