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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. Company: VAL'S FINANCEReference Number: D3C7B372-61666315-451-182684
  2. ========== I bought the P800 for the first content. But even after uploading, it doesn't work. I re-purchased the 2nd one below and it worked. Please cancel the order or send me a code that works. You will be able to check that the printer is the same on the order 1 and order 2 servers. Request for handling of cases where Chipless Firmware did not work ------1----error----- Company: VAL'S FINANCEReference Number: DD9F54BD-60F41A8C-559-10CDD2Subtotal: $50.00Tax: $0.00Shipping: $0.00Total: $50.00VAL'S FINANCE -- Thank You for Your order # 215901Charge for this order will appear in Your Bank Statement as Vals Finance LLC --------------------- ---------2-------- Company: VAL'S FINANCEReference Number: DD9F54BD-60F462D5-056-10CDD2Subtotal: $50.00Tax: $0.00Shipping: $0.00Total: $50.00VAL'S FINANCE -------------- Thank You for Your order # 215911Charge for this order will appear in Your Bank Statement as Vals Finance LLC
  3. <sup@2manuals.com> / Support<john@2manuals.com> I sent an email to the above email, but it is not being read. Please sign up. This is a purchase error. Emails sent on July 22nd and July 25th.
  4. Thank you for your quick handling.I'm using it conveniently and well.
  5. The 2 orders #191283 processed in the link below went well,However, order #191306 has 10092 error like the attached capture.The period of use is use before september 30.
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