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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. Please find the attached image for your reference. Regards, Anto
  2. Hi support, I got error 10093 when using the activation key I bought yesterday. The order number is # 278691 Please help. Regards, Anto
  3. Noted John, Then for a while I'll stop buying this firmware, actually I still got 4 machine need to be updated to chipless, some are our own, some are customers. Will wait for a good news from you. IMHO should be easier to modify the latest original firmware rather than modify the old firmware, because the printer mainboard might be changed as well. Just my 2cents. Thanks & Regards, Anto
  4. Hi support, Then please fix the issue / update the firmware so the LAN can work. Because if the LAN is not working, how can we use the printer, right? Or you have another solution? I've tried this updated firmware . But it has another issue, the power ON / Off issue Please help. Regards, Anto
  5. Hi support, I've tried the official firmware, and the lan can be detected. So the issue is from the chipless firmware. Please help. Regards, Anto
  6. Still unable to upload the video.. Below is the youtube link, pleaae check https://youtube.com/shorts/W1gRDOtL0ag
  7. Hi support, I have 4 printers, I check fron history usage sheet, all are using same firmware. The issue because the printer LAN not working properly after chipless firmware installed, the printer not appear on the pc (windows) device list when we want to install the new printer. So we have to set the printer ip address manually as a static ip. Later will try to install the official firmware back and tell you the result. VID-20230518-WA0001.mp4
  8. hi support, we had an error when we try to change the ip address after upgrading firmware on EPSON WF C5290; first of all, so when on upgrading progress at 98-99% it show error - but we close / ignore the error and check firmware version, it already change to the chipless firmware.. it seems to succeed on firmware upgrade, but when we plug on LAN cable and set the ip address to manual, the progress said successfully changed, but when go to ip menu, still show I have been using chipless firmware since 2021, at that time we don't have this issue. Right now there are 2 units downgraded in late 2022 and 2023 with this firmware (CT14I9) that have the LAN connection issue. Please help. Regards, Anto WhatsApp Video 2023-05-18 at 2.37.51 PM.mp4
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