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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. Thanks for the reply. There is no firmware for WF-3640 at Chipless Solutions. Could you post it there, please?
  2. I bought a firmware flash key this morning. To my suprise, the Epson firmware can't be flushed. Do you guys know what is the problem? The WIC behaves like usual: download, install, then says the firmware is uploaded. The printer will think for a while, then display this "ROM is not writable".
  3. Just for a few non-tech-savvy folks out there: how do you remove a virtual printing USB port?
  4. Hi Brad, I was able to solve the problem with another laptop (like your solution). For this problem computer, it is the second time that I licensed a printer. However, this printer is used for refurbishing printers, so it has been connected to many printers (100+). It is running Windows 8. I hope this information will help someone to find a solution.
  5. I thought about the USB cable, so I changed 3 different cables. Neither of them works. Also, I can see my Artisan 1400 if I plugin the Artisan instead of WF-2750, so it's not a faulty USB. I bought this WF-2750 recently, is it possible that the software doesn't work for newer printers?
  6. I updated the firmware without a problem. Please see the first photo. However, when I fire up the license.exe, I can't see the printer on the USB connection. The printer selection list is all blank. I've already paid for a key but can't use it. I am in the USA.
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