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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. Yeah they are crazy, especially considering that the color cartridges somehow end up empty after a couple hundred pages of only black and white. Was about to just throw it away and buy another brand.
  2. Worked for me! Thank You MLG for figuring that out and posting detailed instructions!
  3. I think the link that was provided is the right firmware as it shows the correct version when transferring but then the printer says finished and shows the wrong version, it appears the printer is not actually accepting the firmware. I've tried flashing it like 10 times.
  4. The error happens right after I click the activate online button. I downloaded and flashed the firmware again and had the same problem. This printer received an epson firmware update yesterday that disabled my non genuine ink cartridges so the printer only goes into a screen saying it cannot recognize the cartridges when I power it on, so I am not sure what the current version is. Does it need to have genuine cartridges in it for this to work?
  5. I am receiving this error when trying to activate on a WF-3720. The firmware was updated successfully but this error appears, have tried on two different computers and have the same problem. I did buy an activation code, order 17956338.
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