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  1. I have chipless and until recently when I had to buy another license I had no problems. But since I bought the new license and installed it, if I leave the printer idle, when I come back to it 30 minutes later it say that I have to check the carts, and it show that they are out of ink. Then it waste a lot of ink checking them, how do I bypass this. never had this problem before.
  2. I ordered a chipless code to update my epson p600, then I started getting 0x44 fatal error, and ended up having to swap out the motherboard to overcome the error. At that time I lost the chipless software that I had just purchased. Order No: 177429 that I purchased on the 12th of November. I was never able to print anything. Is there anyway that this code can be refreshed to go with the new motherboard that I had to put in to clear the 0x44 error. Looking forward to your response, Henry
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