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  1. Hi John. as i stated it was clearly a mistake. i dont need or want a maintenance manual for $10.....Its absolutely useless to me as Ive had my printer now for 4-5 years, if i could throw it through this computer screen it would sail right past your head and hit the wall behind you. youre ordering process was not clear.....so im asking you to do the right thing and send me the proper WIC reset utility. this will be my last contact regarding this...but every one reading this will judge your business by your response.
  2. Hi John thanks for answering. The website was a little confusing and I must have mistakenly selected the maintenance manual instead of the reset key. could you please send me the right file please? I urgently need it to continue my work.
  3. Hi John urgently need the key, im a screenprinter and need to print film for customer t shirts please send me reset key for epson stylus office t1100 my email is maverickscreenprint@gmail.com appreciate all your help
  4. Hi John paid for reset key for EPSON STYLUS OFFICE T1100 downloaded a service manual. not what I wanted I need the reset key please. my email is maverickscreenprint@gmail.com thank you 180132_07.pdf
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