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  1. Thanks for your helpful reply. However I tried both Position "A" and "B" with No success. I will try again however I think my only solution is to get some OEM ink and roll back drivers that way. However when I tried to roll back driver with NO ink in printer.. I got message from Epson Firmware recovery saying I could NOT ROLL BACK FIRMWARE DRIVER. My system currently has CL1319 and that's the problem. BEFORE I can buy roll back Key.. I want to know I can roll back driver. Thanks again.. Ctrl-22
  2. By accident I upgraded firmware of my Epson WF-3720 to version CL1319. I was shocked my re-manufactured cartridges don't work any more. I found this site and wanted to buy a "KEY" to fix firmware.. however I can't get my printer into Maintenance mode. Do i need to have genuine Ink cartridges installed.? Currently I removed the re-mfg cartridges and have no cartridges installed. Thanks for info how to enter maintenance Mode so I can try this software solution. P.S. I've tried the (Pressing Power Button and press Upper Right of Display screen at the same time). No luck.. it boots right to Cartridge ERROR screen.
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