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  1. Thanks John. Received Key in the member mailbox--after looking for it on my iPhone.
  2. The confirmation eemail for my purchase (183115) of an Epson p800 chiplesssolution software 'downgrade' was blank in the Acftivation Key field. . In addition the link for downloading does not work in Edge, Firefox, or Safari.. Two questions: 1. Could you send me the Activation Key again? 2. During installation there seems to be contradictory information. The written instructions say to shut the printer down after the screen gives an indication that the software has been changed; the software installation program says that an automatic shutdown is confirmation that the Epson p800 has accepted the change. In my case, the screen listed several new lines in white with no error messages. a. Can I assume that the p800 has accepted the new programing? b. The printer was turned on and shut down several times after the program was run. When I get the activation code I assume that I must push the appropriate buttons again to get into programing mode and then run license.exe. Is this correct? I apologize for subjecting forum users to my specific problems but perhaps something in the reply will be useful to others.
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