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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. I followed the instructions for epson xp 4100 and a error appears the update failed and to make sure printer is on and USB is connected. Both are and when I retry it the printer prints out 3 lines of symbols. Can anyone help?
  2. I did the steps. It was updating the software and at 99 percent it stopped and gave error message of either the usb cable is not connected or printer is not on which was not the care. The printer turned off and back on at around 70 percent. The ink icon shows a yellow explanation point Any suggestions? I didn't take out ink. Sacha
  3. Does the printer need to be connected to PC, mine is USB and the PC on for the printer to go into the update mode after holding the keys?
  4. Humm does the PC need to be on and connected to printer for this to work?
  5. I tried and got a message of no ink cartridges because I took them out. And when they were in didnt get no screen that u mentioned. I guess mine can't be chipless.
  6. I have a epson expression home xp-4100 printer and been trying to find how to downgrade its update. What buttons do I need to press?
  7. I can't download the manual for Epson expression home xp 4100 printer. Can anyone give me a working download link?
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