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  1. All fixed key received and has worked on the printer. thanks for your patience with me bye
  2. my order number is : 19111474 you have already answered me once the email has been sent but it is empty there is no key.
  3. 1_ My order does not appear in the history and I cannot see the key. WHY? 2_ I have received an email but it is empty, You can send another with the key in the subject section. I do not understand how it is so difficult to send a number by mail I have seen in the forum that has happened to you more times ??????? I wait for a response with the solution Thank you
  4. Pedí la clave de reinicio de wic, pero aún no recibo la clave 1. Correo electrónico : enrique1@eresmas.com 2. Fecha de pago : 01/04/2020 3. Cantidad : 9.99 $ (11.62 € con comisión de paypal) 4. Pagado con : Paypal 5. Número de pedido : 19111474
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