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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. The lights of death. It won't recognize the cis and I already updated the chips in cis to the latest the supplier had. I was actually doing a cleaning where I pulled out the printer head (I have done this several times.) and then put everything back. Printed 2 test sheets to run the ink through and was about to run another 10 sheets to get everything good to go and then the light of death appeared. That was the last time it work that was in March. Ever since then I been doing a trial and error thing. I know more about a Epson 1430 than I should.
  2. I'm trying to reset my firmware on a Epson 1430 because of the whole Epson update bull shit. The wic reset utility is giving me a host of firmwares to choose from. There are two that I think may be it. I am not totally sure can somebody help me out. Attached is a photo of what I think it maybe. Which one I do not know and at $20 a pop it can get pricey for me to start guessing. Many thanks to anybody can help me out.
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