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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. My order #193493 Key less firmware for Epson xp 960 I've got error code 10060 communication error. My printer USB connect with the PC is no problem. Please help.
  2. gyulee

    10093 error

    Here's another error message.
  3. gyulee

    10093 error

    Hi. I used the new key your sent to my PM and tried to activate then I got another error message that it say "Could not read ID code from printer" and then I closed and reopen the activation program then tried again then I got another error message " Activation code writing is failed " What's going on here? Please solve this problem. Thank you.
  4. gyulee

    10093 error

    What happened? There's NO new key in my PM. First order # 190522 got 10093 error and you sent new key that I got solved the problem. And then I purchased second one order # 190645 That I got exactly same error code 10093. Now you say new key is sent BUT I have not received new key. Please solve this problem Thank you.
  5. gyulee

    10093 error

    Hi. I just purchased another EPSON xp 960 chipless firmware key and run the key program that I got 10093 error again same as my privious order. Please help me. my order number is #190645. Thank you.
  6. After successfully installed firmware and check the USB connection and port, I tried to activate the chipless firmware I got error message as image I uploaded. Please help me to solve this problem. My order number is #190522. Thank you.
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