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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. Hi: I have installed the wic reset utilitiy and it upgraded to 2020-06-05 veresion and it downth recognize my printer TX235W any more y have valid Key . I have to select TX235 (without the "w"). I have tried inWindow s7, WIndows 10, Linxu Debian with GTK2 and no success. Same mesage in both platforms Start uploading firmware to the printer. I/O raw command reply is unknown. - An error occurred when application tried to write/read data into/from the printer. - Reboot the printer each time you see this error before starting another operation. - If possible try to replace USB cord/make sure that network connection is reliable. - If Status Monitor Utility is supported by the OS and it is active then disable it. - Disable other applications that can use the printer and cancel all printing tasks.
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