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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  2. My order invoice #24331378
  3. When I use your "NO EXPIRATION Activation Keys," the buttons (e.g. Wi-Fi botton) on the EPSON printer don't work. That is, when I press the Wi-Fi button, the printer doesn't respond. Same as other buttons on the panel.
  4. I had used "NO EXPIRATION Activation Keys" on Epson XP-2101 The buttons on the XP-2101 are No function, no response.
  5. I had used Regular Activation Keys and NO EXPIRATION Activation Keys on Epson XP-2101 The "Regular Activation Keys" works normally but the "NO EXPIRATION Activation Keys" has some problems. The buttons on the front panel of the machine are invalid. Please check this bug
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