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  1. Hi, I have an old, but much loved, Stylus Color 760 which is a work horse for me. It misbehaved about a month ago and started to print pages of gobbble de gook. I have had this before with earlier Epsons and have usually cured it by disconnection and clearing the file from the print buffer, but this time it didn't wok. On using, it would not print a document but the file does not remain in the print buffer and the computer considered it has been printed. Using the utilities it would print a nozzle check and do a head cleaning, proving the usb interface with the computer was working OK. Holding down the load/eject key and turning on the printer gives the following print out.... P00997 I03193 IK0597-477 1E8B 8108 with a perfect nozzle pattern. I suspected it could be a waste ink overfow error so using VIC I tried the free 80% reset. It gave a reset message completed but reading the register gave a figure of 162.29%. Using many other methods, including SSC and console key pushes, I got a waste ink level shown by VIC of 2.84% which it said was OK! This has isince icreased to 5.55% so it must be reading the register OK. I do not want to dump this old friend, but that is looking likely, unless anyone out there can think of someting I have missed. Is there any hardware switch associated with replacing the ink pad that needs resetting? Has anyone an eeprom memory dump they could send me that I could restore the printer with using VIC? All comments and help appreciated, Peter.
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