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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. Hi John, I'm a Printer leasing vendor from M'sia, and I interested the chipless solution for Epson WF-C5790. I have few question to check with you, before I proceed to next step to purchase the ID from you 1. Does your ID key can compatible in Malaysia ? 2. Does the firmware resetter can work in Malaysia? 3. After I make payment to you, how did I get the activation code from you? will send the code to me via email immediately? 4. If the ID code doesn't work, can I claim it from you? If yes, how to contact you if any issue happen? 5. As I understand every printer will keep on update the printer firmware, then your firmware can overcome it when this issue happen? in other way, does the firmware will keep on update in order to match/work with the printer latest firmware? appreciate that your prompt reply, and pls reply it to me via email : lam@spsprinter.top
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