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  1. I made all the purchase process again from a different computer, attached the pics. Please make something about this because is making people pay for a different product. What can you make to solve my situation?? https://ibb.co/f4TPxmm https://ibb.co/Pw6gGQz Select Pay for activation Key https://ibb.co/xFNWsH0 Select XP-211 https://ibb.co/4Wcmx5L Paypro Global payment page
  2. I pay through your webpage!!!. Add the key to the cart and the checkout! How is that possible???
  3. Hello again, Checked in Paypro Global and payment is processed. I made the purchase from www.2manuals.com web page. Also asked to customer support in paypro global and they told me that the payment was effective and sent a request notification to you. I noticed that the shop in paypro global is Abe Apps Pte. Ltd., hope that information will help you to find the payment and send me the Key. Best. Tomás.
  4. Hi, I made the order from the site www.2manuals.com. I checked visahome and the payment is pending for approval. That must be it. When is approved I will contact you again. Thank you.
  5. Hi, Paypal tansaction number: 7ET36422LS910712K Pay pro global: ID del pedido: 19804815 Fecha de la factura: 6-jul.-2020 Términos del pago: PayPal Fecha de vencimiento: 6-jul.-2020 Método de envío: Electrónica estado del pedido: Procesado
  6. Hello, I didnt recieved the code. email: tomasmorales020186@gmail.com Payment day: 06 july 2020 ammount: u$d25 (XP211 chipless) Payment Method : credit card I didnt get an order number after the payment.
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